ZOL Unlimited Packages

zol packages unlimited

Are you thinking of getting one of the unlimited ZOL packages and wondering what exactly is on offer and which one is best suited to your needs? If so, you are in the right place as we will give you the low down on what’s currently on offer.

ZOL is arguably the leading internet service provider in Zimbabwe which is on the cutting edge when it comes to getting as many households and offices in Zimbabwe connected. They have a number of packages which cater to different needs when it comes to connectivity. They offer both capped and uncapped services.

At the moment, ZOL offers 12 unlimited packages, namely:

  •         Fibroniks family entertainment
  •         Fibroniks modern family
  •         Fibroniks power pack
  •         Fibroniks turbo pack
  •         Wibroniks unlimited
  •         Wibroniks nano office
  •         Wibroniks micro office
  •         Wibroniks small office
  •         Fibroniks micro office
  •         Fibroniks small office
  •         Fibroniks office
  •         Fibroniks large office

What’s the Difference Between Fibroniks and Wibroniks?

ZOL offers two main internet packages which are Fibroniks and Wibroniks. Fibroniks is the service where you get connected via fibre optic cable. Fibre offers stable, high-speed internet connectivity which is also future proof.

This means that the infrastructure cable of meeting the demands of future technology with higher demands than what is currently there. ZOL has a vast fibre optic cable network which covers the majority of cities and towns in Zimbabwe.

Most of these places can be connected through the lines which run in most streets or through a last-mile connection for those locations which are a bit of a distance from the main line. ZOL currently charges an installation fee when you make an application for the service.

If you are located in an area that does not have a fibre optic cable close by, ZOL offers the Wibroniks service which gets you connected through fixed outdoors or indoors units. They also offer mobile internet devices under the same banner.

So the main difference between the two products is that Fibroniks is fibre optic cable dependent while Wibroniks is wireless. Wibroniks has a wider coverage as it is not limited by the availability of fibre optic infrastructure in the area. It can, however, be affected by heavy cloud cover or thunderstorms. 

Fibre, on the other hand, is weatherproof as it runs underground. We have already spoken about how it is future proof and able to handle very high demands when it comes to data transmission. 

What Unlimited Packages Does ZOL offer? 

Let’s look at the data packages that ZOL offers:

Package Data Cap USD Price ZWL Price
Fibroniks family entertainment Unlimited 226.00 23,835.00
Fibroniks modern family Unlimited 300.00 31,741.00
Fibroniks power pack Unlimited 439.00 46,390.00
Fibroniks turbo pack Unlimited 513.00 54,181.00
Wibroniks unlimited Unlimited 180.00 19,067.00
Wibroniks nano office Unlimited 190.00 19,998.00
Wibroniks micro office Unlimited 185.00 15,429.00
Wibroniks small office Unlimited 295.00 24,603.00
Fibroniks micro office Unlimited 280.00 29,532.00
Fibroniks small office Unlimited 275.00 22,935.00
Fibroniks office Unlimited 495.00 41,283.00
Fibroniks large office Unlimited 725.00 60,465.00