Whether you’re working from home or just need data for personal use, ZOL Pay As You Go works really well. In fact, ZOL has some really great packages that cater for everyone. Pay As You Go ZOL data packages are for fixed monthly data subscriptions – whether you’re using Wibroniks or Fibroniks.

It’s ideal for home use – working from home, and/or other non-heavy duty activities online. It might not be ideal for a business setup for example as you can’t estimate how much data will be required. You can pretty much estimate how much data you need from month to month if you’re going to use this option.

In the past, Pay As You Go might have been sufficient for use with the rest of the family. Not that it’s entirely impossible even now but you’d have to restrict a lot of things like video streaming, and social media maybe- but we all know that’s next to impossible.

Some kids do school online these days which is data intensive too. An alternative would be separate accounts for you and your kids but it wouldn’t make sense, would it? It would be too much of an administrative nightmare.


These ZOL data packages come with a validity period of 15 or 30 days (depends on the package) and a similar number of rollover days. Rollover comes into play when you don’t exhaust your data within the initial 15 or 30 days of your subscription.


So here’s how you can top-up your account with Pay As You Go


  1. Using your preferred browser open the link ZOL Pay As You Go (topup.co.zw)


  1. Enter your ZOL ID
    ZOL Data packages - Pay As You Go
  2. Click Continue to Display all the services under that ZOL ID


  1. Click Select and select your preferred package


  1. Enter your mobile number and email address if you require a copy of your payment


  1. Click Proceed to process the payment.