Which is the Biggest Company in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is a Southern African state which attained independence in 1980. Zimbabwe has seen a great many economic mishaps; however, entrepreneurship has thrived to the benefit of the country and individuals. Individuals like Strive Masiiwa have grown their businesses and now, the enterprise is a multinational company.

The biggest companies in Zimbabwe are listed on the Zimbabwe stock exchange (ZSE). Zimbabwe has maintained a sound private sector which has enabled companies to command considerable market shares nationally and internationally.

The big companies in Zimbabwe have managed to navigate various economic pressures and factors. This has ensured that the enterprises remain viable and relevant components of the Zimbabwean economy.

Determination of a Big Company

The value of a company is determined through what is known as market capitalization. This is a dollar market value of the company’s outstanding capitalization assets. That is the outstanding shares of a company. The total amount of capital available to a company, when all the assets are valued for sale is known as market cap.

The value is determinable by multiplying an outstanding share with the current market value for one share.

The Largest Companies in Zimbabwe

Delta Beverages/ Delta Corporation Limited has emerged and maintained its position as the largest company in Zimbabwe. The company has a value of US $ 742.2 million dollars. The beverage company has managed to remain relevant in the ever-dynamic market of Zimbabwe. Producing light drinks and alcoholic beverages, Delta beverages is poised for critical success. Having suffered stunted growth during the pandemic, the company is on its way back to winning ways.

Amongst the heavyweights is Econet Wireless of Zimbabwe. The company is a subsidiary of the Econet Global Group. It is a telecommunications, media, and technology company.  It was established in 1996 and began operations in 1998. It is the only company under the Econet Global Group brand that is listed on the stock change.

 Other sister companies to the entity are privately owned by Econet Global group, a company established in Johannesburg, which is controlled by Strive Masiiwa. Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is valued at, US $660.7.7 million as of August 2021.

CBZ Holdings provides financial services in Zimbabwe. It offers services in finance, retail, and commercial banking, treasury services, banking and asset management, insurance (short and long term), security trading, and property investments. The CBZ bank is a branch of CBZ Holdings. The bank is one of Zimbabwe’s largest commercial banks.

CBZ Holdings is versatile with other operations such as CBZ Capital Datvest, CBZ Insurance, and CBZ Life. The entity is valued at US$366.6 million.

Along with its sister company is Cassava Smartech, a business of the Econet Global Group. The company is the fifth-largest company in Zimbabwe. It’s valued at US$345.4 million dollars. The company’s priority is to ensure socio-economic development. It facilitates e-commerce through various platforms in Zimbabwe and Africa. The major branches of the entity are Ecocash, TN Bank, Econet Insurance, and Econet Life.

INNSCOR is 4th with a total value of US $358.8 million. The company specializes in consumer staple products for the masses. Its units include National Foods Holdings, Colcom Holdings limited, Natpak  (Pvt) Ltd, Profeeds (Pvt) Ltd., and Probrands (Pvt) Ltd.