Where is Liquid Telecoms Based?

Liquid Telecoms is an international enterprise established as Econet Satellite Services. The company was established in 1997 where it handled voice and Satellite operations. The enterprise’s portfolio expanded when it changed its name to Liquid Telecoms in 2004. This name change laid the groundwork for the launch of a cross-border high-speed optic fibre network in 2009.

The network had the effect of connecting Southern Africa to the world. Liquid Telecoms has become a multi-service provider for many businesses and organizations in Africa and beyond. It now specializes in an array of services such as optic fibre, satellite and international carrier services.

Has Liquid Telecoms Gone Through any Brand Changes?

The company rebranded to become Liquid Intelligent Technologies in 2021, a subsidiary of the Econet Global Group. Liquid Intelligent Technologies is controlled and managed through Cassava Technology. Cassava Technology manages a portfolio of companies operating in fibre broadband networks, data centres, fintech, cyber security and renewable energy. 

Cassava Technology is a parent company and a subsidiary of the Econet Global Group. Econet Global is located in South Africa; however, is registered in Mauritius. The company is controlled by the avid entrepreneur Strive Masiiwa.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is one of the success stories under the Econet Global banner. The enterprise is expected to grow massively due to the high demand for internet connectivity all over the world, especially in developing countries. The sheer capacity and potential of this African company attracted unlikely investors such as the Commonwealth Development Corporation. The corporation made its largest investment so far in this African Company. 

Liquid Intelligent Technologies commands a considerable share of the global market, making the company a force to be reckoned with. The company’s services are offered at a wholesale level making Liquid Intelligent Technologies one of the biggest internet providers on the African continent. It provisions services to more than 50 global carriers. 

It has operations in no less than three continents and more than 14 countries. The services of this company are primarily available to developing countries. A massive optic fibre and satellite infrastructure which is Africa’s first and largest supports this enterprise. The infrastructure stretches to 100 000 km of optic fibre from Cape Town in South Africa to Cairo in Egypt. 

Where  Are Liquid Telecom Offices Situated?

The company’s administrative offices are situated in London. This is also where the offices of the parent company Cassava Technology are situated. Liquid Intelligent Technologies is registered in Mauritius.