When was NetOne launched in Zimbabwe?

When was NetOne launched in Zimbabwe? In September 1996 NetOne was launched as Zimbabwe’s first-ever mobile network service provider. NetOne is Zimbabwe’s second-largest network provider in terms of market share and coverage.

The largest is Econet Wireless which also has a presence in other countries across the globe. NetOne came into existence after the Post and Telecommunications Corporation was broken into three entities that would operate independently while being overseen by the Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ). 

The three companies had to focus on one area each and that was fixed-line telecommunication, mobile telecommunication, and postal services. These three companies became TelOne, NetOne, and Zimpost. 

Who Owns NetOne? 

NetOne is 100% owned by the Zimbabwean government. The company is led by a board of directors that are appointed by POTRAZ. However, NetOne is currently for sale. The government of Zimbabwe has been selling off some state-owned companies that have not been performing well in a bid to use the funds to expand the companies that are performing well. 

The finance minister revealed that NetOne and TelOne are being sold as a bundle though the two companies will still be independent of each other. There has not been any company that has made a commitment. The biggest negative factor is the external debt that the two companies have. For that reason, it has been difficult to find a willing buyer for them. 

Who is the CEO of NetOne? 

NetOne is led by the capable Lazarus Muchenje as CEO. Over a period of several years, NetOne enjoyed growth and innovation under Muchenje’s leadership. Ironically Muchenje has been sacked by his premiers a couple of times. In one instance Muchenje was fired just 24 hours after he had been reinstated. 

There has been a lot of back and forth and the man has always challenged his dismissal using the law. The last time Lazarus was reinstated by the High Court judge they had found no grounds for the fair dismissal of the CEO. 

The man has shown that he has a fighting spirit and that may just be the kind of leadership NetOne needs right now when its future is bleak.

How to get NetOne free airtime 

NetOne has a free airtime component. Simply visit a NetOne store near you and replace your sim card. Buy a minimum of $10 airtime and load it in your sim card. You will immediately receive a bonus that you can use to call any other NetOne user. You are only entitled to this bonus if you recharge directly. If someone sends you airtime you will not be able to qualify for the bonus. 

How to get your NetOne number 

You may have difficulty remembering your number especially if it is still new. Fortunately, there is a way out of that. Simply dial *120# and your number will be displayed on your phone. The good news is that you do not need airtime for this feature.