What time does ZOL night owl start?

What time does ZOL night owl start? ZOL’s night owl is active between 11pm and 6am the following morning. Night owl data does not work any other time even in the event of you exhausting your daytime data. 

ZOL rebranded a few years ago to become Liquid Home after Liquid Telecom acquired the internet service provider. Existing and new customers get more or less the same packages for both FiBroniks and WiBroniks. 

How does ZOL night owl work? 

ZOL’s night owl works just as efficiently as daytime internet use. The main difference is the time period. As already mentioned, you only get access from 11pm to 6am. For an additional $6 on your monthly subscription, you get an extra 25 GB to use during your night browsing. 

So for the $29 package, you get 25GB in the day, and add $6 you get another 25GB. In total, you get 50GB of data for just $35! Compared to other service providers this is very cheap because you end up paying 70cents per GB. 

Remove the night owl it comes up to $1.16 per GB which is the average price of other competing ISPs. Using night owl comes in very handy if you work remotely for an organization that is in a different time zone. Or you could simply be a freelancer and you work better at night than during the day. Night owl may just be what you need.

How much is ZOL broadband? 

For comparison’s sake, one may be interested in knowing ZOL’s prices vs other internet service providers with coverage in your area. ZOL fibre which is known as Fibroniks has three main capped packages.

All three come with the night owl option which is priced at $6, $8, and $16 per month for lite, basic essentials, and family essentials respectively. The table below shows all three packages and their pricing.

Package Speed  Cap Limit Price
Fibroniks Lite 5Mbps/5Mbps 25GB $29
Fibroniks basic essentials 5Mbps/5Mbps 35GB $39
Fibroniks Family essentials 10Mbps/10Mbps 75GB $89

What are ZOL Fire Fridays? 

If an existing customer had added the night owl component to their package, they could qualify for ZOL fire Fridays. Every Friday you could use your broadband without eating into your night owl. 

You could stream, download, or play your favourite online games with very little worry about maxing out your night data. This is one of the deals from ZOL to keep their customers happy. ZOL customers on capped packages also had free access to WhatsApp. 

It’s not clear if fire Fridays still exist since ZOL’s re-branding to Liquid Home but the ISP remains one of Zimbabwe’s largest and most reliable. Inquiries can be made on Liquid Home social media pages to find the latest promotions and deals. They normally respond in a space of 24 hours from the time of inquiry.

How Fast is the ZOL internet?

You can expect speeds of up to 100Mbps download speed on ZOL with a sable connection. Most streaming platforms need only 5mbps to play without buffering. 100Mbps is a premium speed.