What is the Telecel Group?

The Telecel Group is a multinational company that was established by Miko Rwayitare. The group has a footprint in more than 20 countries inclusive of African countries. The company is a telecommunications giant. The company has an ever-growing portfolio since it specializes in acquiring and developing operators and service providers. The enterprise is based in London, United Kingdom.

Background of the Telecel Group

The Telecoms Group is an international player offering services in the international carriage for voice, data, SMS, and IPTV. The company rebranded to become Telecel Global from the name Telecel International. The enterprise was established in 2007.

With extensive experience in voice and SMS gateway, the company upon merging was poised for further expansion. Telecel Group provides services in Mobile Network Operators, Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN), and wholesale carriage for more than 300 global interconnections. The company is a leading player in the field. 

Services Provisioned by the Telecel Group

The entity is classified into four sectors which are Telecel Mobile. Telecel Mobile is responsible for the provision of MVNO and MVNE operations in South Africa and Europe. The Enterprise offers 2G, 3G, 4G, and WIMAX services. it has more than 4 million subscribers. 

Telecel Play is another platform of the company’s portfolio that provisions a myriad of services. It is a mobile application that provisions retail and fintech services that are not limited to RCS, VOD, and E/M-commerce.

The above services can be utilized with only one signup feature. Telecel Global is an international voice, data, and SMS services, provider. The wing was founded in 2007 when the NFS the holding company for Telecel was merged with Exxon.

It is the B2B wing of the group, providing wholesale, enterprise, and digital security services to operators around the world.  The Africa Startup Initiative (ASIP) was launched in 2019. The endeavor is a Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

The program was created to assist upcoming startup enterprises developed by the youths. The platform links young startups to the global community such that, the youths can attain partnerships with personnel who may add value to the products and enterprises. 

Where are The Operations of the Telecel Group?

Telecel Group has a marked presence in the Central African Republic where the company was the first mobile telecommunications operator. It has a large base of subscribers. The enterprise further acquired Telecel Limba, which is a company based in Gibraltar.

Telecel Limba is the second-largest fixed-mobile operator. It offers 2G/3G/4G licenses. The endeavour is digitizing African businesses.