What is the difference between Fibroniks and WiBroniks?

What is the difference between Fibroniks and WiBroniks? The key difference between the two can be noted in the prefixes. Fibroniks runs off fibre optic connection. WiBroniks is completely wireless and it has an LTE connection.

Fibre has been known to give a stable and reliable connection as opposed to mobile broadband like LTE. The downside is that you do not have the same convenience to carry your WiFi around as you would with LTE.

What is ZOL WiBroniks?

WiBroniks uses a technology called Long Term Evolution or LTE for short. It is simply a form of wireless internet connection. ZOL is upgrading from WiMax, a service that they are now in the process of phasing out.

WiBroniks requires a mobile internet modem that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This modem connects to mobile network boosters or towers to provide an internet connection.

How fast is ZOL WiBroniks? 

ZOL WiBroniks offers 3 packages that are within the same range as Utande’s LTE deals. All three are uncapped and they are relatively affordable. You have an option for 7Mbps, 10Mbps or 15Mbps download speeds from the three packages. 

Most streaming platforms need a minimum of 5Mbps for smooth streaming without buffering. However, LTE is not as stable as fibre optic WiFi. If you are going to use your WiBroniks for streaming you are better off getting the 10Mbps package. 

Who owns ZOL? 

ZOL was once known as Zimbabwe Online. That was before Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe acquired the company. Liquid, a subsidiary of Econet Wireless, took over the company in 2012. 

They have the largest fibre network in Zimbabwe and on the African continent servicing countries like Zambia, Botswana, South Africa and Kenya among others. There are some reports that all ZOL internet products will soon be re-branded to Liquid Home.

How much are WiBroniks bundles? 

If you are shopping around for WiFi and you are looking for a deal that suits your budget we will give you something for comparison. The tables below show pricing from ZOL WiBroniks, Utande LTE and TelOne Blaze.

ZOL Wibroniks Prices 

Package Download Speed Price
WiBroniks Nano Office 7Mbps $125
WiBroniks Micro Office 10Mbps $185
WiBroniks Small Office 15Mbps $295

Utande LTE Prices 

Package Download Speed Price
Supermax 5Mbps $125
Megamax 10Mbps $210
Gigamax 15Mbps $295

ZOL and Utande’s LTE packages are more or less the same in terms of pricing and speed. All these packages are uncapped and you have unlimited internet access for 30 days after which you must make a new payment for the new month. 

TelOne Blaze Pricing 

TelOne packages are a bit on the high end in terms of speed and pricing compared to Utande and ZOL. Again, it all comes down to what you are looking for. If what you do requires high-speed internet then you might want to consider TelOne blaze. Below are the packages and prices.

Package Download Speed Price
Infinity Supreme 20 Mbps $277.00
Intense Extra 50 Mbps $394.00