What is Telone Blaze? – Understanding What it is

What is TelOne Blaze

In late 2019, the TelOne Blaze package was launched. The purpose of this service was to introduce affordable internet in locations that were not served by TelOne’s other internet services.

TelOne Blaze is a fixed internet service with limited mobility. You can access it using wireless indoor or outdoor modems or other devices that support the Blaze sim card. The service is currently available in a limited number of locations with plans to extend access to the rest of the country.

What is TelOne blaze and How Does it Work?

What exactly do we mean when we say that it is a fixed internet service with limited mobility? The Blaze platform uses a sim card to access the internet. The sim card works with an indoor or outdoor modem, MiFi device, or mobile handset that supports the FDD-LTE Band 20 (800) frequency band.

Though these devices are wireless and generally “mobile”, they are fixed to a particular base station and will work within the radius of that base station. If you move outside the radius of that base station even to an area with other Blaze LTE base stations, your device will not work.

They are supposed to provide fixed connectivity within the confines of a particular radius. You can move around with your Mifi device to your friend’s place to stream as long as they are within the same neighbourhood. If you visit Jonso in Ruwa and you live in Glenview, your device will not work.

This is a cheaper solution if you want connectivity for your home and you can’t access fibre or ADSL service in your area.

Where is TelOne Blaze LTE Available?

One of the drawbacks of this service though is that it is not available in all areas as yet. When they launched in 2019, the promise was that they would roll out to the rest of Zimbabwe but as of today, it does not seem as if this has happened.

As of today, TelOne Blaze is available in these areas:

  • Glenview
  • Ruwa
  • Avondale
  • Borrowdale
  • Kuwadzana
  • Harare CBD
  • Chitungwiza
  •  Southerton

It still isn’t clear as to when the rollout to the rest of Zimbabwe will happen. Perhaps they are using the Harare and Chitungwiza rollouts as a test case before launching to the rest of Zimbabwe.

How do I Recharge my TelOne Blaze?

TelOne Blaze offers various packages and the best and most convenient place to recharge your Blaze LTE is through our website at www.topup.co.zw. On the home page, select the broadband tab.

On the broadband page, select the TelOne Blaze LTE option. Next, select the package you want

Then proceed to checkout. Enter your details then select your payment option to complete the purchase. 

If you don’t have data, you can use the Paynow WhatsApp Bot. To do this, simply click here or save the number  +263 864 4429 100  and access it on WhatsApp. Follow this sequence:

Type start > select broadband > Select TelOne Blaze LTE then select the package you want to purchase.

You will be asked to enter the mobile money number that is paying. Once you do that and send the message, a prompt will appear on your mobile money phone. Enter your PIN and you are done.