What is Telecel Global?

Telecel Global is a private mobile and telecommunications services provider that was established by the business mogul Miko Rwayitare in 2007. The company is based in London. The enterprise specializes in internet, telecommunications, and VoIP. Telecel Global provides services as an International carrier for voice, data, SMS, and IPTV. 

The company manages international voice and SMS gateways for 5 mobile operators in Africa. Telecel Global has more than 300 global interconnections which are coupled with optimal telecommunication services for mobile network operators, wholesale carriage, and public switched telephone networks (PSTN) and OTTS.

The company has a specialty in cyber security and SMS firewalls. The company has top-level SMS marketing and chatbot services and cloud voice solutions. Telecel Global is exploring micro-data centres powered by renewable energy. While its largest footprint is in Africa, the enterprise has operations in Europe. 

Background of the Company

The company was formerly known as Exxon telecom and was acquired in 2007. It was created as the telecoms service arm of the group. It primarily deals with connectivity products and expanded to the telecommunications services provider. The enterprise is wholly owned by the Telecel Group which was formerly Telecel International. Telecel Group had a presence in 14 countries by 2000.

The parent company of Telecel Global is Telecel Zimbabwe. The Chief Executive officer of Telecel Global is Ramzi Shalak. Telecel Global Group is interested in Africa since the continent has only explored 20% of its connectivity capacity. The demand for telecommunication services will grow.

Where are its Operations?

Telecel global provisions an array of services which include an A2P firewall. This is an SMS firewall that protects and commercializes or monetizes A2P traffic on the network. The solution uses advanced technologies that are regularly updated. The A2P Firewall has No OPEX/CAPEX, turnkey solution, on-site and remote support, and offers a dedicated project manager to each customer. Further, the company offers cyber security. These are solutions provided to mitigate evolving threats. Clients can choose between cloud-based online security protocols.

The company offers wholesale SMs Services which come with unmatched global connections. The service is available 24/7. The service offers a dedicated team managing SMS trading, Global footprint, Strategic partnership, state of the art dubbing technology used to manage SMS wholesale traffic.

Telecel Global offers Wholesale Voice services. These are VOIP interconnection based on business case qualifications, a Global footprint including Telecle Properties in Africa, a Dedicated voice team, competitive rates with high quality, and a 24/7/365 Network Operating and monitoring Center. 

The company provisions telecom services by integrating applications through API. Telecel Group has ventured into data centres that provide secure collocation and edge services. . The enterprise allows for the use of CPaaS which allow for real-time communication via APIs. The company is also esteemed for its academy which produces high-quality engineers with the necessary on-the-job experience.