What Inventions Were Made in Zimbabwe

Science and technology have always been a priority for Zimbabwe since 1980. The state has adopted several policies to ensure that, scientific inventions and capabilities are harnessed. This has been done, to ensure improved socio-economic livelihood for the whole population of Zimbabwe and Africa. In 2012 the state adopted the 2nd Science and Technology policy. 

The policy was supported by a US $1.5 million allocation of funds by the government toward research and development. The establishment of the STEM program is one endeavour or strategy that has been used to nurture young minds and stimulate interest in the scientific field. 

Intellectual Property  in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is currently ranked in the top 10 in Africa for being one of the most technological countries. In 2021 Zimbabwe was ranked 113 by the Global innovation index. The state’s high literacy rate was deemed a major asset for innovation. 

Science and technology have been prioritized in Zimbabwe. At least 30% of the learning time for students is channelled towards science subjects. 

Inventions Made in Zimbabwe

The Ventilated (Improved) Pit Latrine developed by Dr. Peter Morgan is an example of an important waste disposal system that assists local communities to live healthy lives. The technology has been adopted by the United Nations and implemented around the world. Dr, P. Morgan has been distinguished for his contribution. 

He has further developed the Bush pump which has been largely adopted in Zimbabwe and many developing countries to ease water shortages. 

The Agrarian based economy has ensured the channelling of state resources towards the development drought resistant and high-yielding crops. The development of SR52, a maize hybrid is an invention that has been adopted and used across the globe. Many crops have been modified to assist communities through yield improvement. 

Afrosoft has developed a fully integrated banking system for local and regional use. A pension Fund Management System, a Health Insurance system, and a Local Authorities system have been developed and used in Zimbabwe. Afrosoft has been involved in the development of a Wagon Tracking System which is used by the National Railways of Zimbabwe. 

Recently a hydro engine has been developed by Jeremiah Sundire. The invention was recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organisation and the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (Aripo). The engine can generate electricity for domestic use using 40 to 60 litres of water.  

Maxwell Chikumbutso invented a radio frequency-powered TV and the green generator among other things. The tech made by Chikumbutso is groundbreaking. The inventor has started a company called Saith technologies. Zimbabwe is currently experiencing a technological evolution.