Dear TelOne Subscriber,


Don’t think of this as a bribe…Think of it as a kind of a Paynow ADSL Christmas incentive.🎁

Here’s the deal🤫…

When you visit to buy your Telone ADSL voucher, Paynow Bot🤖 gives you a little something to say thank you (Up to ZWL 750 Mobile Airtime) depending on your choice of voucher.

After you’ve paid, tell us who to gift your free mobile airtime bonus to, and Paynow Bot will send them an instant SMS.

Imagine the surprise on bae’s face when she gets as much as ZWL750 worth of free airtime thanks to you – “Tinashe is so romantic”, she’ll say out loud to her jealous cousins.

No bae? No problem. Send it to baba and remind him why you’re his favorite child. Or else just think how much “Mukoma Petros” would appreciate it after the kind of year he’s had.

Bottom line: Right now you can get your usual Telone ADSL monthly package paid, plus surprise someone you love with a little bonus gift this holiday season.

Buy your ADSL now & make sure not to miss out on this “Christmas Incentive”.🎅🏿