Paynow Donations Widget

Paynow Donations Widget


Paynow has developed a payment widget that enables any institution to fund raises for worthy causes, a solution popularly known as crowd funding.

Crowdfunding is a method of raising funds/ money through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, individuals in the community, including the business community . This approach taps into the collective efforts of a large pool of individuals, primarily online via social media and crowdfunding platforms,and leverages their networks for greater reach and exposure.

Critical Success Factors of Crowdfunding

The critical success factors to successful crowdfunding are as follows:

  1. The case has to be placed in the sight of interested individuals, hence there is a need for the cause/campaign to have a good social media marketing campaign.
  2. The payment solution has to be both effective and efficient.
  3. The donor/supporter has to feel and know that the majority if not all of the funds contributed towards the cause are transferred to the beneficiaries.

The Current Service Offering

Paynow has a functional crowdfunding donation button that any institution can plug onto their website and social media pages in order for your institution to collect funds both locally and internationally. This donate button has been successfully used to fundraise for cyclone Idai in partnership with Miracle Mission, below is a link to the widget.

The benefit of the Donate Button

  • It offers transparency to both the donors and the cause as it reports on the number of contributors and the value contributed.
  • It enables the cause to receive donations from multiple payment channels and settle into an account of your choice.
  • It removes the burden of reconciliation of all the donations received from the various payment channels.
  • The cause is required to have a bank account, thereby cutting out the administration process of opening and managing multiple payment channels.
  • Eliminates fraud, as the cause has only one account to settle.

The button enables the cause to receive donations both locally and internationally with the currency being settled into their Nostro accounts.

Paynow Offering

Your organisation can immediately have a crowd-funding donation button integrated with your website, and any social media the following options are available to your institution .

Option 1 Paynow Donate Button

Your institution can upload the Paynow donate button on all your website and social media pages. You will manage all your marketing campaigns.

The advantage of Option 1

  1. You will have control over all your marketing campaigns.

  2. The success of your campaign is dependent on your organisation’s ability to market.

  3. The process is a 48 hour process to set -up depending on your organisation’s ability to put together the required documents and integrate the button.

Option 2 Paynow Donate Button Plus Social Media Services

This option your organisation may take up the full suit of Paynow services which are:

  1. The use of the Paynow Donate Button- which will enable collections

  2. The Paynow Top-up listing, that is having your organisation and cause being listed on the Paynow Top-up page, this functionality will enable your institution’s cause to be viewed by our 1 million Paynow Top-up clients that visit the page in order to Top-up their utilities and services. This would automatically increase traffic to your site.

  3. Paynow Social Media Services, this service includes text messages and email services to your supplied database. The message would be indicating that it’s coming from your organisation. Paid google ads, facebook adds and all social media campaigns targeted directly to your customers.

This service is available 72 hours from start of engagement through to sign-up provided that your institution is ready.

The advantage of Option 2

  1. Your organization’s campaign has a high chance of success as Paynow has experience running social media marketing campaigns and has built its business through running of these campaigns.

  2. Your campaign is most likely to  succeed.

  3. Your social media budget is minimised and kept to the funds raised.

  4. Your organisation does not have to forward finance any of these marketing services as Paynow will forward financing all marketing activities

  5. Your organisation will benefit from brand visibility and will result in more individuals getting to know about your organisation.

The next step

1. Visit Paynow website to see one of our clients who has used the Paynow Donate Button:

2. Prepare the following documents in order to sign up for our services:

  • Director resolution to open a Paynow verified Merchant Account

  • Director resolution to open a Paynow Top-up account

  • Bank account details were funds will be settled into NOSTRO & Local

  • Copy of the latest bank statement for verification process

  • Copy of ID of the directors

  • High solution logo

3. Follow the link and sign-up

4. Once registered, email Ruvimbo on with the email heading Donate Button Merchant- (and the name of your organisation that you have usd to register onto Paynow), including in the email details of your lead contact person.

5. In addition please send a whatsapp to +263 774429555

6. Ruvimbo will be able to assist you with the rest of the registration process.

Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to get in touch on the contacts listed below.

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