WhatsApp has become an inalienable part of most Zimbabweans’ lives and all the major mobile networks have realised this fact and provided WhatsApp bundles to help people stay connected. NetOne, the country’s second-largest mobile service provider by subscriber count, offers different WhatsApp bundles to cater to this key part of the market.

NetOne offers daily, weekly, and monthly WhatsApp bundles which range from a daily 20MB bundle currently priced at ZW$22 to a 750MB monthly bundle priced at ZW$450.

How much are NetOne WhatsApp bundles? 

At the moment, NetOne offers 6 different WhatsApp bundles as follows:

Data Cap Price ZW$ Access Window
20MB 31.50 24hrs
50MB 79.00 24hrs
70MB 110.00 7 days
150MB 225.00 7 days
300MB 400.00 30 days
750MB 900.00 30 days

How can I buy NetOne WhatsApp bundles?

You can buy your NetOne WhatsApp bundle by accessing their USSD code *171#. Here are the steps:

1.    *171#

2. Select option 3 (Bundles)

3. Select option 3 (WhatsApp)

4. Select the bundle you wish to purchase

5.    Confirm

You need to have the required amount for bundle purchase as airtime credit to use this option. Make sure to buy the credit your airtime beforehand.

How do I buy NetOne Airtime?

There are several ways to purchase NetOne airtime. The traditional way is to purchase a recharge voucher. To recharge using a recharge voucher use *133*recharge pin#.

You can also buy the NetOne WhatsApp bundle using your OneMoney wallet. To do this, follow these steps:

1.    *111#

2. Select option 4 (Buy Airtime and Bundles)

3. Select option 2 (Buy Bundle)

4. Select option 1 to buy for self or 2 to buy for someone else

5. Select option 4 (Social media bundles)

6. Select option 1 (WhatsApp bundle)

7.    Select the bundle you want to purchase

How do I buy NetOne bundles with EcoCash?

If you don’t have a funded OneMoney wallet, you can make use of PayNow’s online payment app; www.topup.co.zw where you can purchase NetOne WhatsApp bundles using Ecocash, Telecel, ZimSwitch, local VISA, and MasterCard. You can even use OneMoney to purchase for other networks.

Paynow is the country’s leading payment app that allows you to not only purchase airtime but can pay utility bills and make a host of other online payments easily and conveniently.

If you don’t have access to the web, you can make use of the PayNow WhatsApp Bot to buy airtime for any Zimbabwean network through WhatsApp.  Click here or access the WhatsApp Bot on the following number +263 864 4429 100 on WhatsApp