NetOne Recharge – What you Need to Know

If you are used to doing your NetOne recharge using the old fashioned scratch vouchers or OneMoney, we want to present a few other methods of recharging your airtime in this article.

If you are one of those people still stuck in the past and using recharge scratch vouchers, please stop contributing to pollution and subsequently global warming lol. On a serious note though, we’ve come quite a long way when it comes to conveniently recharging your mobile phone’s airtime.

Gone are the days when you would knock on your airtime vending neighbour’s door at ungodly hours if you had an emergency that needed you to recharge your phone. These days, all you need is money in your mobile money wallet or bank and you are good to go. Let’s look at the different ways to recharge your NetOne line.

How do I recharge my NetOne Line?

There are several ways of doing this but let us start with the most obvious. Outside of buying a physical recharge voucher, the next common way of recharging your NetOne line is through using NetOnes’ mobile money service; OneMoney.

It is, by far, the most convenient way of buying NetOne airtime. If you have money in your OneMoney wallet, you follow these steps:

  1. *111#
  2. Select “Buy Airtime and Bundles” (Option 4)
  3. If you want to buy voice credit, choose option 1. If you want to buy a bundle, choose option 2
  4. Enter the amount if buying airtime or if option 2, select the relevant bundle.
  5. Make your payment by entering the PIN

The above method works well if you have  OneMoney wallet with credit in it. What if you have other mobile money wallets like Ecocash or TeleCash?

Can you buy NetOne airtime using EcoCash or TeleCash? 

You cannot recharge your NetOne line directly from Ecocash. However, you can go to  to purchase airtime using your EcoCash balance. To do this, simply go to the website and select the Airtime tab then select NetOne.

Using Paynow, you can either buy airtime directly or purchase a mobile bundle of your choice. On the checkout page, you can use Ecocash, TeleCash, OneMoney, Zimswitch, Visa or Mastercard to make your payment.

Paynow also allows you to buy NetOne credit with Ecoocash using a WhatsApp bot. If you find yourself in a position where you don’t have data to access the internet, you can simply use the WhatsApp bot.

To access the bot, save the number +263 864 4429 100. Access this number through WhatsApp and type the word “start” in the chat window then follow the instructions. At the end of the process, a pop up will appear on your Econet phone where you enter your PIN and you are done.

If you  want a quicker method, you can use the following long code:

#airtime#recepient_number#amount#mobile_wallet_number. When you type it out, it should look something like  #airtime#0719792310#50#0776803255. When you use the long code, you bypass the step by step process which may take a bit longer.