The internet landscape in Zimbabwe has changed quite significantly over the past couple of years with a lot of innovations from the major players in this field. One such innovation in NetOne OneFi.

One of the most consistent cries from the Zimbabwean public over the years has been the need for affordable internet access. Generally speaking, we have had some of the highest internet prices in this part of the world for quite some time now.

One of the reasons given for these high prices by some of the big players such as Econet and Liquid Telecom was that they needed to recoup some of the money invested into infrastructure hence the high internet costs. The impression given was that the cost of internet connectivity would go down with time.

We have witnessed better-priced options and greater variety in recent times with mobile phone networks, in particular, all offering private WiFi options. OneFi is the option that is being offered by NetOne.

What exactly is it though? NetOne One Fi is a private WhatsApp bundle that gives you lower costs per MB of Data that you buy compared to regular bundles. These bundles are highly-priced with the smallest 10GB data bundle going for ZW$6,500 or roughly US$20.

Though this is still somewhat expensive when looked at from a universal perspective, it presents a significant improvement from the high per MB cost of regular bundles.

What is NetOne OneFi?

One-Fi is NetOne’s private WiFi bundle that offers greater value for money as far as data bundles are concerned. The caveat is that you need to fork out more upfront to purchase a bundle but the long-term benefits tend to be worth it.

With the way a lot of Zimbabweans have been forced to work from home and do online schooling due to the pandemic-inspired lockdowns, this presents a great cushion for both organisations and remote workers as they can get affordable internet options.

One Does OneFi Work?

Though it has a special classification and the name suggests that it is different, the One-Fi bundle works in much the same way as your regular data bundles. I would guess that the name comes from the fact that you can set up a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect other devices since there is greater value.

How Do I Purchase OneFi Bundles?

To purchase a One-Fi bundle, simply follow these steps:

1. *171#

2. Select option 5 (One-Fi Bundle)

3. Select option 1 (Available Packages)

4. Select the package you desire to purchase

5. Confirm the purchase

To purchase, you need to have the required amount as airtime on your NetOne sim card. You can load your airtime directly using the OneMoney wallet. What if you don’t have OneMoney? We answer that next.

Can I Buy OneFi Bundles Using Ecocash, Telecash, ZimSwitch, Visa, or MasterCard?

By far the simplest and most convenient way to buy One-Fi bundles if you don’t have OneMoney is to use This platform is Zimbabwe’s leading mobile payment app.

You can easily pay for your NetOne One-Fi bundle using Ecocash, Telecash, Zimswitch as well as local Visa and MasterCard. You are also able to buy on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp Bot so having no data is not a hindrance.To access the WhatsApp Bot, click here or access the number +263 864 4429 100 on WhatsApp.