Netone Data Tariffs

netone data tariffs

Do you want to know about NetOne data tariffs? In this article, we’ll cover the different offerings from NetOne and how much you can expect to pay for each one. NetOne has several data packages suited to different needs.

Currently, NetOne offers regular data bundles as well as other specialised bundles such as OneFi and OneFusion. These packages are designed to cater to different data usage needs within their user base.

When compared to the other data offerings from NetOne, the regular bundles are slightly more expensive. NetOne is not unique in this though as the trend is consistent among the three Mobile Network Operators in Zimbabwe.

Credit is due to them in that they were one of the first MNOs to respond to the cries from the public for cheaper data prices and responded by introducing the OneFi bundles and, eventually, the OneFi packages.

How much are NetOne Data bundles?

Let’s look at the different prices for NetOnes data bundles to see the one that is best suited to your needs.

Regular Bundles

First off, we have regular bundles. These range from the hourly bundle, night bundle, daily bundles, weekly bundles as well as the 30-day bundles. If you want to make a big file download, one or more hourly bundles are a cheap way to do that.

For $60, you will get 1 GB of data which lasts for one hour or until the cap is exhausted; whichever comes first. This option is best suited for emergency needs like when you want to download a video assignment, software or a movie. It is perfect for these kinds of scenarios.

The next step up is the daily bundles which last for up to 24 hours or until the bundle is exhausted. These are ideal for when you need data to stay in touch, o some research or keep an eye out on that important email.

The daily bundles range from $25 for 30MB to $350 for 1200MB. As already mentioned, you will get a full day’s access to data and you can buy according to your need or means.

The weekly bundles are next and these last for a 7-day window or until the bundle is exhausted. The price range for these starts at $25 for 30MB to $1500 for 5000MB. If you want to stretch your access over a longer period then these bundles are for you.

Next up are the monthly bundles. These start at $150 for 200MB to $2500 for 8000MB. The access window for these is 30 days. They are ideal if you want to be connected on the go with some leeway for viewing video content and steaming.

Social Media Bundles

NetOne also has social media bundles on offer. Realising the importance of social media to how people communicate in this day and age, there are specialised bundles for this niche.

NetOne offers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp bundles ranging from $16 for 20MB daily to $350 for 750MB monthly bundle. These ensure that their user base has continual access to these platforms whenever they need it.

One Fusion Bundles

NetOne also has the OneFusion suite which is a hybrid of voice, SMS and Data packages for one low price. Currently, NetOne has OneFusion Lite, OneFusion Gold and OneFuson Premium.

OneFi Bundles

Lastly, NetOne also offers OneFi bundles. These are great for heavy data users. They were designed to be mobile WiFi bundles which cater to day to day, business use as well as entertainment.

They offer the best deal per MB or data by far but the base price is also higher than the other packages on offer. The lowest-priced OneFi bundle is $2500 for 25000MB while the highest is priced at $6000 for 80000MB.

Now, let’s look at all the different data packages being offered by NetOne.

NetOne Data Tariffs

Regular Data Package
Price Data Cap Access Window
$60.00 1024MB 1hr
$120.00 1000MB 22:00 to 05:00
$25.00 30MB 24hrs
$50.00 80MB 24hrs
$110.00 200MB 24hrs
$220.00 480MB 24hrs
$300.00 960MB 24hrs
$350.00 1200MB 24hrs
$25.00 30MB 7 days
$45.00 60MB 7 days
$120.00 160MB 7 days
$240.00 350MB 7 days
$400.00 700MB 7 days
$1500.00 5000MB 7 days
Social Media Bundles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp)
$16.00 20MB 24hrs
$30.00 50MB 24hrs
$50.00 70MB 7 days
$100.00 150MB 7 days
$150.00 300MB 7 days
$350.00 750M 7 days
OneFusion Bundles
$250.00 (Lite) 15 mins onNet voice, 5 mins offNet voice, 180MB Data, 90MB WhatsApp, 5SMS 30 days
$400.00 (Gold) 25 mins onNet voice, 10 mins offNet voice, 400MB Data, 160MB WhatsApp, 25SMS 30 Days
$800.00 (Premium) 80 mins onNet voice, 60 mins offNet voice, $5 international minutes, 1000MB Data, 360MB WhatsApp, 30SMS 30 Days
OneFi Bundles
$2500.00 25000MB 30 Days
$4500.00 50000MB 30 Days
$6000.00 80000MB 30 Days