NetOne Bundles – Your Full Guide

netone bundles

In this article, we are going to be looking at NetOne bundles. NetOne offers a suite of regular data as well as social media bundles that give their users convenient and affordable access to the internet.

We can all agree that data bundles have been a game-changer and in stark contrast to the days when we would access the internet using our ordinary airtime. It was only a few years ago when this innovation hit the market yet it feels much longer than that.

NetOne offers different bundles at different price points that offer their customers an easy and affordable way to stay connected. There are regular internet as well as social media options ranging from hourly, daily, weekly to monthly bundles.

What Bundles Does NetOne Offer?

NetOne offers many bundles covering different user needs. If you want full-on access to the web or just want to keep in touch on your favorite social media platform, you are pretty much covered.

Regular Bundles                                  

NetOne offers a range of data bundles ranging from hourly to monthly bundles depending on your needs. Here is what they offer:

Bundle Price ZWL Window Period
1 GB Hourly 250.00 1 Hour
1 GB Hourly 400.00 2 Hours
Night Bundle 450.00 22:00hrs to 06:00
30MB 47.50 24hrs
80MB 126.00 24hrs
200MB 315.00 24hrs
480MB 620.00 24hrs
960MB 1000.00 24hrs
1200MB 1200.00 24hrs


Social Media Bundles

NetOne also offers a range of different Social Media bundles to keep you in the loop on your favourite Social Media platforms.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram Price ZWL Window Period
20MB 31.50 24hrs
50MB 79.00 24hrs
70MB 110.00 7 Days
150MB 225.00 7 Days
300MB 400.00 30 Days
750MB 900.00 30 Days

Private WiFi Bundles

If you are a more heavy user and want access to affordable data on the go, the One-Fi bundles are definitely for you. They offer larger data caps for a lower per MB price when compared to regular bundles. These are the available packages:

One-Fi Bundles Price ZWL Window Period
10GB 6500.00 30 Days
25GB 8500.00 30 Days
50GB 12500.00 30 Days
80GB 15000.00 30 Days

One Fusion

If you are a light to moderate data consumer and want to stay connected throughout the month on all platforms including, data, Social Media, SMS as well as ordinary talk time, OneFusion bundles should be your go-to.

OneFusion bundles have a window period of 30 days.

One-Fusion Bundles Price ZWL Window Period
One Fusion Lite 600.00 30 Days
OneFusion Gold 950.00 30 Days
OneFusion Premium 1900.00 30 Days

Khuluma 24/7             

If you are more of the talking type, NetOne has voice bundles that they call Kuluma 24/7. With these, you get discounted talk time bundles. These are the Kuluma 24/7 bundles:

Khuluma 24/7 Price ZWL Window Period
6 minutes 58.00 24hrs
12 minutes 110.00 24hrs
25 minutes 225.00 24hrs

How do I buy NetOne bundles?

Buying NetOne bundles is relatively simple. Simply dial *171# and you will see all the bundle options there. Pick the package you want to buy and proceed to pay using your OneMoney wallet or your data balance.

Even though there is a considerable number of people who use NetOne, not a lot of them use OneMoney. So, how do you pay for your bundles then?

How do I buy NetOne bundles with EcoCash, TeleCash, or ZimSwitch?

The simplest way to buy NetOne bundles with all other payment options available in Zimbabwe is to use On this payment app, you can use many different payment options to buy your NetOne bundles.You can also make use of the super convenient WhatsApp Bot to buy airtime easily and conveniently. To access the WhatsApp Bot, click here or save the number  +263 864 4429