Liquid Telecommunications Versus Safaricom

With Liquid Telecommunications and Safaricom both being two of the leading companies in the telecommunications industry, it is undoubtedly true that these two corporate giants are causing serious waves on the  African telecommunications scene.

We shall dive into what sets these two corporations apart from the rest as well as the pros and cons of each company.  

It is worth noting that both companies are doing very well in terms of providing top-quality communication services in Africa, which is valuable to the continent’s growth trajectory. They are setting the bar for  African excellence in the Telecoms field.

What is Liquid Telecom?

Liquid Telecom is one of Africa’s leading independent telecommunications companies. It is responsible for providing top-quality internet as well as voice and data services. Liquid Telecom does this through an extensive fibre optic network that it has managed to establish throughout Africa.  

Liquid Telecom also provides bulk or wholesale fibre, satellite, and international career services as well. Liquid Telecom is headquartered in UK London. Its CEO is Nic Rudnick.

What is Safaricom? 

Safaricom is actually the largest telecommunications industry service provider in Kenya and is headquartered in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. It is currently listed on the Stock Exchange. The CEO of Safaricom is Peter Ndegwa Who was appointed in 2020. 

Safaricom also provides voice and data services to its users as well as affordable, fast Internet connectivity. 

Liquid Telecom Achievements

Liquid Telecom is managed to bag a lot of credit and achievement during its course of operations. To begin with, Liquid Telecommunications managed the acquisition of Zimbabwe Online(ZOL), the biggest Zimbabwean Internet service provider (ISP) Back in 2012. 

As of May 2022,  Zimbabwe Online (ZOL) re-branded to Liquid Home Zimbabwe.

Liquid Telecom’s biggest achievement is definitely installing well over 100,000 kilometres of fibre all across southern, western, eastern, and central Africa. To get an appreciation of the vastness of this network, is like going around the world twice. 

Liquid Telecom continues to grow from there. Liquid Telecom has won a variety of awards such as best Africa wholesale carrier for eight consecutive years, best Middle East and Africa wholesale carrier and three Comms Met awards amongst many others.

Safaricom Achievements

Safaricom is actually the biggest mobile operator in Kenya and it managed to attain a total of 10 million customers in 2008. 

This makes Safaricom the largest Internet provider in east and central Africa. One of the best things about Safaricom is that it has a Secure Net that protects its customers from malicious intentions like cyber threats and malware. 

In 2021, Safaricom had a net worth of 10 billion U.S. dollars and it has won numerous awards including best mobile money service, United Nations world business and development award, and GSMA global mobile awards, amongst many others.