Liquid Telecom Market Share in Africa

Market share refers to the percentage of total revenues of sales in a market or industry that a company makes up. We calculate the market share by dividing its total sales or revenues by the industry’s total sales over a certain period. 

This will give us a rough idea of the size of the company as compared to the industry it is operating in. Therefore, Liquid Telecom’s market share would be the proportion of revenue it gets as compared to the revenue received by the telecommunications industry in Africa as a whole. 

Liquid Telecom Market Share

Liquid Telecom is undoubtedly one of Africa’s largest independent fibre network providers, however, developments are being made for entering outside of the African markets as well. 

This comes forth from the development that was made that Liquid Telecom is past 100,000 kilometres of fibre in Africa as they had 89,989 kilometres of fibre in Africa at the beginning of the year 2021. 

The chief executive officer, Nic Rudnick has said that with the 100,000-kilometre milestone at least 100 million people have been positively impacted by this and 643 towns and cities have been connected as well. 

This has created a very big platform for many people who have never received reliable, efficient Internet connectivity, to actually receive it. 

Liquid Telecom also managed to implement a system in which its customers can access the cloud services which is beneficial for post-pandemic adjustment to a new environment of working from home. 

This is achieved through the cloud and data centres. Nick Rudnick has shared that Liquid Telecom carries 76% peering NCD in traffic within the Africa content delivery network. 

Liquid Telecom has over 250,000 broadband customers and its FTTX now passes over 95,000 homes. This just shows that Liquid Telecom has a very big chunk of Africa’s telecom market share to itself. This has been made evident by the number of customers, enterprises and countries that it caters to, which will later translate to its total revenue. 

Not only is Liquid Telecom blooming in Africa, but in 2012 in the Zimbabwe telecommunications industry, Liquid Telecom has the highest market share of at least 54.2% this just shows excellent excellence!

Other key players in the telecommunications market

In the telecommunications industry, especially in the mobile network service providers, there are other companies doing well such as the likes of MTN, Telkom, VodacomGroup, Orascom telecom, Maroc Telecom, MobinilandSafaricom.

This just proves that Africa as a whole has a much brighter technological future which is going to increase the much-needed standard of life across the continent.

Liquid telecom continues to soar and break glass ceilings by providing very fast very efficient Internet connectivity across the world.