Liquid Telecom Chief Executive Officer

As we all know, behind every successful business is a good leader, and for a multi-billion-dollar corporation like Liquid Telecom, we know that the chief executive officer is exceptional at what he does. 

From 2013 till now, Liquid Telecom has been run by London-based Nic Rudnick. Nic became the chief executive officer when the company was renamed Liquid Telecom, from Econet Satellite Services. 

He was one of the key players in the company who managed to make the 100,000 km fibre optic cable development come to life. His contribution has been very significant to the growth of Liquid Telecom company. 

Nic Rudnick’s Background and Early Career

Nic Rudnick was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Nic Rudnick attended the University of Cape Town and there he managed to get himself a Bachelor’s degree in law. Not only did he get himself a Law degree but he also managed to get a master’s degree in information technology and telecommunications law from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. 

His law degree came in handy when he challenged the telecommunications monopoly in Zimbabwe, alongside Econet founder, Strive Masiyiwa. 

It is said that the challenge of the telecommunications monopoly led to the longest-running set and appeal of court cases ever witnessed in Zimbabwe, but they still managed to pull through. At the time, he was with a law practice called Kantor and Immerman.

Nic Rudnick’s Time at Liquid Telecom

When Nic Rudnick first joined Econet, it was in the year 2000 and he was the head of legal services within the company. 

He then became CEO of the Liquid Telecom company in 2004. He still serves as one of the directors of Econet Wireless International, which is a parent organisation of Liquid Telecom. During his time at Liquid Telecom, Rudnick has managed to install fibre optic cable whilst managing to connect countries such as Zimbabwe, Lesotho, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania. Because of his Cape to Cairo fibre implementation and 100,000 kilometres of Africa fibre installation was made possible

Other executive members of Liquid Telecom

Nic Rudnick being an exceptional entrepreneur and legal expert managed to select the right people to support Liquid Telecom’s vision and get the company where it is today and where it stands now.

The following individuals are key players in the development of Liquid Telecom. 

Ahmad Mokhles, David Eurin, Kate Hennesy, Ifeoma Jibunoh-dozie, Williem Marais, Shahzad Manzoor, Tesh Durvusula, Nthabiseng Mashilwane, Sam Nkusi, Raoul Du Plessis, Mike Silber, Lauren Roberts. Wellington Makamure, Malvin Meyer, Adil El Youssefi, Matthew Chigwende, Mahommed Basit and Deon Geyser