Is ZOL Owned by Econet?

Zimbabwe Online (ZOL), Zimbabwe’s leading internet service provider is owned by Econet Global.  Econet Global’s subsidiary, Liquid Telecommunications, made an acquisition of ZOL back in 2012. ZOL is, therefore, part of the Econet global family through Liquid Telecom. 

However, ZOL was given the right to remain independent in its operations and branding until 2022 when it was rebranded to Liquid Home. 

Who Owns ZOL?

Since ZOL, now Liquid Home is owned by Liquid Intelligent Technologies which is itself a subsidiary of Econet Global, the owner of ZOL is Strive Masiyiwa.

The chief executive officer of Liquid Intelligent Technologies is Nic Rudnick who is the overseer of both parent and child companies. The CEO of ZOL, David Behr, reports directly to the Liquid Telecom CEO and its board of directors. 

What Does ZOL Do?

ZOL, now Liquid Home,  is actually the leading internet service provider in Zimbabwe. ZOL has the biggest user base when it comes to home internet connectivity. They have the fastest and most extensive fibre optic cable network in the country. 

They also offer a host of other connectivity options that include wireless options to service areas that do not yet have fibre optic cable connectivity. Both capped and uncapped services are offered for both home and office use at decent pricing.

Can You Buy ZOL With Ecocash?

You can buy ZOL data packages using Ecocash. This would only make sense as both ZOL and Econet are under the same ownership. Here is how to pay your ZOL bill using Ecocash:

  • Dial *151# to access your Ecocash account
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Select Regular Bill
  • Enter the Amount you wish to pay
  • Enter account number
  • Press send

Upon payment, your ZOL account will be topped up. 

To top-up the Ecocash wallet for this, you can connect your EcoCash wallet to your bank account so you can transfer funds to your EcoCash wallet for the needed transaction.