How to Transfer Netone Airtime

how to transfer netone airtime

In this article, we are going to cover how to transfer NetOne airtime. You may have found yourself in that situation where you really need to have airtime in your phone and you don’t have money in your OneMoney wallet to buy the airtime.

Alternatively, you may find yourself needing to send airtime to a friend or loved one in urgent need of it. We are going to walk you through a short process that can help you move airtime from one NetOne line to another.

How can I transfer airtime from NetOne to NetOne?

NetOne to NetOne airtime transfer is done via their USSD platform. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Dial *171#
  2.   Go to option 8 which says Services
  3.   Select option 2 which reads Credit Transfer
  4.   Enter the number you want to transfer credit to
  5.   Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  6. Press send and you are done

How do I transfer NetOne data bundles?

Unfortunately, there is no way currently of transferring your NetOne Data or bundles to another NetOne number. You can only transfer airtime using the method we described above.

How do I borrow airtime from NetOne?

If you find yourself stuck and need to recharge your NetOne line, you can do it through their credit service by dialling the USSD number *140# and following the steps there.