How to Buy NetOne Airtime Using Ecocash

buy netone airtime using ecocash

Is there a way to buy NetOne airtime using Ecocash? Absolutely. In this article, we’ll show you how. 

It’s easy to buy NetOne airtime using your Ecocash balance through Paynow’s platforms. You can use the Paynow website at or send the message “Help” to our Paynow Whatsapp Bot on +263 864 4429 100.

There isn’t a way to buy NetOne airtime directly through Ecocash. These mobile service providers currently have competing services and, due mainly to this, you cannot buy airtime directly over the different mobile money wallets.

Thankfully for the Zimbabwean market, a service such as Paynow exists. Paynow is Zimbabwe’s leading online bill payment app. Not only does it provide a convenient and innovative way of buying airtime, but you can also perform a host of other payments including utilities.

How to buy NetOne Bundles using Ecocash

The Paynow service is not only limited to buying airtime for making voice calls, but you can also buy the different bundles on offer by NetOne. These include their popular Fusion bundles as well as their One-Fi bundles. The service surely does offer convenience that is unmatched on the local market.

Steps For Buying NetOne Airtime Using Your Ecocash Wallet

Now, let’s look at the steps involved in buying NetOne airtime using the various options that Paynow offers.

Buying NetOne Airtime Using Ecocash on the Paynow Website

The most popular way of buying airtime using Paynow has been our website. Besides giving you the option of paying for your NetOne airtime using Ecocash, you can also use other modes of payment like other local mobile money wallets such as Telecash and OneMoney.

You can also use your ZimSwitch card as well as local currency Visa and MasterCard. To buy NetOne Airtime Using Ecocash on the Paynow website, simply follow these steps:

  1.     Go to
  2.     At the top of the page, you will find tabs giving different options. Depending on whether you want to buy airtime for calls or to buy data bundles, you will select either one of the airtime or mobile bundles option.
  3.     If you choose the mobile bundles option, you will have the option to purchase One Fusion, One-Fi vouchers or to send airtime direct to a NetOne number of your choice.
  4.     Select the relevant option and you will be taken to a page where you either select the bundle you want to buy or the number you want to send the airtime to.
  5.     If you select the airtime option, you choose NetOne from the options and you will be taken to a page where you enter the amount you want to purchase.
  6.     Proceed to the Checkout page where you enter your mobile number.
  7.     Choose the “Pay on Ecocash” option and you will be asked to enter your Ecocash wallet number.
  8.     Fill it in then hit the pay button.
  9.     A popup will appear on your Ecocash phone asking you to enter your Ecocash PIN.
  10. Enter the PIN and your airtime voucher will be delivered to your number. If you chose the airtime direct option at the beginning, your airtime will be loaded directly to the phone number you entered.

Buying NetOne Airtime Using Ecocash Through the WhatsApp Bot

Another method you can use is the newly introduced WhatsApp Bot. To use the Bot, all you need is a WhatsApp bundle, you don’t need to be on the internet. To use is, you follow the following steps:

  1.     Save the number +263 864 4429 100 to your phone.
  2.     Access this number using WhatsApp and initiate a chat by typing airtime.
  3.     Enter the mobile number you want to send to
  4.     Enter the amount of airtime you wish to buy.
  5.     Enter the number that is paying.
  6.     A pop up will appear on the mobile phone with number you entered in the previous step asking for your PIN
  7.     Enter your PIN