How to Buy Econet Airtime Online on Paynow Topup

Did you know that you can buy Econet Airtime online? More specifically did you know that you can buy it on the Paynow Topup website? Econet has the largest subscriber base in the country so chances are high you have at least one Econet line. They’ve made strides over the years that they’ve been around hence, why their services are everywhere.

Despite their market leadership, they face constant competition from other mobile network operators like NetOne. This works out well for the end consumer at the end of the day. It forces these companies to provide additional value and benefit to their customers such as convenience and/or value for money.

Instead of buying scratch cards, some of the innovations today are the ability to buy airtime online. These are innovations that are often prompted by competition and customer pain points. Paynow Topup gives you the ability to buy Econet airtime online – and in this post, we’re going to show you how to do so step by step.

In order to buy an Econet Buddie Voucher on Paynow,

    1. Simply visit
    2. Select the Airtime Category

  • Select Econet Buddie
  • Select the quantity of your preferred voucher
  • Enter your email address
  • Click the “Send My Vouchers by SMS” if you want your voucher sent to your phone
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Accept the ‘Terms & Conditions’
  • Review your order and adjust the quantity if you so desire before proceeding to the checkout page.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to proceed to Checkout
  • You can express checkout via Ecocash or OneMoney or Click on “Pay on Paynow” and select other methods of payment

You can also make use of the super convenient WhatsApp Bot to buy your vouchers, buy airtime and pay other bills. To access the WhatsApp Bot, save the number  +263 864 44729100. Enter “Start” in the chat and the bot will guide you.