How Much is ZOL Installation

How much is ZOL installation?  ZOL charges a once-off fee of $20 for installation and activation. Once this is done you are ready to go and you only pay the monthly subscription for your particular package. ZOL is one of the country’s leading Internet Service Providers.

ZOL runs on Liquid Telecom’s infrastructure which runs extensively across the sub-Sahara. Although ZOL has made great strides in terms of coverage, there are still many areas that are not covered across Zimbabwe. ZOL has a solution to this and it is the ZOL mobile WiFi.

What is ZOL mobile WiFi?

ZOL mobile WiFI uses a small wireless internet modem to connect multiple devices to the internet by transmitting WiFi signals. This little device is called a MiFi router. The advantage is that you can take it virtually anywhere. So if you are working remotely or you need to study you can make use of this device. It can also work as a backup in cases of power cuts when you can not use your home or work WiFi.

How much is a ZOL MiFi router?

A ZOL MiFI router costs US$45 or the equivalent in local currency. There are two options in terms of the packages you can pick. You can choose the pay as you go option or take up the uncapped home entertainment package.

Pay as you go costs $27 and it expires after 30 days. You get 20GB for that price. You also have an option to top up in the event that you max out your allocation before the 30 day period. You can top up from as little as US$3 for 2GB all the way up to US$100 for 100GB. You can visit the ZOL website or the nearest ZOL store to learn more about the options you have.

How long does ZOL WiFi last?

All capped packages from ZOL have a roll-over period. This can be 15 days or 30 days depending on the package you took. What this means is that if you do not max out your data after expiry period, you can have your data carried over to the following fortnight or month. So essentially when you top up for a new period your unused data will be combined with the new data.

What is a ZOLspot?

ZOL has WiFi hotspots across the country that can give you internet access on the go. ZOLspots used to offer free thirty minute sessions for anyone. Unfortunately the freebies eventually came to an end. You can still purchase ZOLspot coupons and use them at ZOLspots.

If you are a liquid Home customer you can use ZOLspots without an extra charge. You must log in using your username and password associated with your ZOL account. Once logged in you can start using data which will be deducted from your home account allocation. As long as your account is still active and has some credit you can use as much as you need.