How Many Subscribers Does Econet Have?

Econet, the leading telecommunications provider in Zimbabwe managed to establish and create a very large customer base within Zimbabwe.

As it has been an established corporation for the last 20 years, Econet has managed to secure a large subscriber base. Currently, it has 12.4 million subscribers. 

How Big is Econet?

Currently, it is the largest telecommunications company in Zimbabwe. it has literally become a staple. In Zimbabwe, Econet has a market share of a little over 61 percent. This is a testament to the work and great service provision that they have put in over the years. 

The majority of Zimbabweans have an Econet line as their primary number and either one or both of the other service providers as their secondary number. 

Who is the CEO of Econet?

Douglas Mboweni is the chief executive officer of Econet. He has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years and he is also a Christian minister in a Baptist church. His work ethic and visionary leadership have made the Econet brand what it is today. 

When Was Econet Introduced In Zimbabwe?

Econet was first launched by its founder, Zimbabwean billionaire, Strive Masiyiwa in July 1998. In 2009, Econet became the first operator in Zimbabwe to launch 3G mobile data. Econet proceeded to introduce 4G mobile data and 5G mobile data as of February 2022. Econet continues to break new ground.

What Subsidiaries Does Econet Have?

Econet has a vast number of very successful subsidiaries, most of which are listed on the stock exchange. Econet Global subsidiaries include Steward Bank, Econet Media Limited, Econet Wireless Global, Cassava Smartech, and Liquid Telecommunications.

Why is Econet Successful?

Consistency in producing quality services and never being afraid to take risks has managed to get Econet where it is today as shown by how it’s never afraid to start new things and constantly break barriers.