How Long Do TelOne Bundles Last?

How long do TelOne bundles last? Your normal period for your data to be valid is 30 days. TelOne used to have a 30 day rollover period that allowed you to use any left over data for another 30 days. Unfortunately, this was discontinued.  

How do you transfer TelOne data? 

It is possible to transfer your TelOne data to another TelOne customer. This feature is only available to customers using limited bundles.  However you can only transfer data before the initial thirty day period. 

Once your data is rolled over it can not be transferred. If you are on any of the unlimited packages you will not be able transfer data. The receiving customer must be an active one and they should have recharged their account in the last 60 days. 

Once sent, the data can not be transferred to another customer. The transfer is irreversible as soon as the data has been successfully sent out. You can only transfer data twice in a month and you can only send 40% of your package limit.

How do I check my TelOne WiFi bundle balance? 

TelOne has an online portal that you can access as a customer. It requires your username and password for you to get access to your personal account. 

There are a couple of account related tasks that you can carry out once logged in like generating your statement or seeing your usage history among other actions. You can also view how much data you have used so far and how much is left. Recharging your account can also be done from the portal using your profile.

How do I buy TelOne ADSL? 

Thanks to mobile banking you can buy your ADSL bundles conveniently from your phone. You simply enter the TelOne account number you would like to recharge. You proceed to select the package that you want. 

Next step would be to enter your WhatsApp number. A prompt to enter your EcoCash number is generated. After entering your EcoCash number click “buy”. An OTP will be sent to your EcoCash number to confirm the transaction. Once complete the package will be immediately sent to the number you specified.

What is TelOne Blaze? 

TelOne has a mobile broadband service called TelOne Blaze. It uses a MiFi router and an LTE sim. Mobile broadband comes in very handy when you need to be connected continually and you are always on the move.

Or you may simply not have coverage in your area for fixed broadband. TelOne blaze packages are more or less what other ISPs are offering in terms of speed and pricing. The TelOne website can give you up to date prices for all their packages.