How does ZOL Night Owl work?

How does ZOL Night Owl work? ZOL’s night owl service is active from 11pm until 6am the following morning. Your usage is only metered between those hours. After 6am you will be using your normal daytime bundle (base date). It is applied to 24-month mobile data plans and mobile internet recurring bundles.

What is the difference between WiBroniks and FiBroniks? 

ZOL’s WiBroniks and FiBroniks have one fundamental difference. The prefixes represent wireless and fibre. WiBroniks is therefore where you find all the wireless broadband packages while FiBroniks offers all the fibre optic internet packages. 

Your option of broadband is heavily dependent on the coverage in your area. Fibre is generally better than wireless broadband since it is more stable and rarely gets affected by the weather.

How much is ZOL MiFi? 

For $45 or the local currency equivalent, you can get yourself a ZOL MiFi router. You can sign for the uncapped home entertainment or choose the pay-as-you-go package. On pay-as-you-go you pay $27 for 20GB of data that is valid for thirty days.

If you have anything left over it can come as a rollover in the following month. However, if you do not have rollover you lose what you do not use.

What does ZOL rollover mean? 

If you are a ZOL customer using WiBroniks you need to know about the rollover. What it simply means is that if you do not exhaust your monthly bundle you can roll over to the following month.

You have to use it within a specific period before it expires completely. TelOne is another service provider that also has the option for rollover data. This comes in handy especially in the months that your data usage is low.

How do I check my data usage on ZOL? 

Using your android device you can download the myZOL mobile app on the google play store. You can log into your user account on the app. Select “My account” and proceed to select “My services” where you can view your data balance.

Optionally you can log into your profile using a web browser and view your balance.

How much is ZOL internet? 

Below are the packages from ZOL for both FiBroniks and WiBroniks. All the prices are in USD.

Package Name Data USD
Fibroniks Zoom 10GB (Pay As You Go) 15
Fibroniks Lite 40GB (Pay As You Go) 40
Fibroniks Lite + Night Owl 40GB (Pay As You Go) + 40GB (Night Owl) 48
Fibroniks Basic Essentials 50GB (Pay As You Go) 54
Fibroniks Basic Essentials + Night Owl 50GB (Pay As You Go) + 50GB (Night Owl) 65
Fibroniks Family Essentials 100GB (Pay As You Go) 122
Fibroniks Family Essentials + Night Owl 100GB (Pay As You Go) + 100GB (Night Owl) 144
Fibroniks Come Alive 150GB (Pay As You Go) 137
Fibroniks Family Entertainment Unlimited 205
Fibroniks Modern Family Unlimited 273
Fibroniks Power Pack Unlimited 399
Fibroniks Turbo Pack Unlimited 466
Wibroniks Unlimited Unlimited 164
VSAT Bronze 20GB (Pay As You Go) 199
VSAT Silver 30GB (Pay As You Go) 248
VSAT Gold 40GB (Pay As You Go) 397
VSAT Business Plus 50GB (Pay As You Go) 606
VSAT Platinum Unlimited 1,051
Fibroniks Micro Office Unlimited 241
Fibroniks Small Office Unlimited 378
Fibroniks Office Unlimited 680
Fibroniks Large Office Unlimited 996