How Do You Receive Money from Mukuru?

How do you receive money from Mukuru? Mukuru is now in partnership with a number of stores and banks. This, according to Mukuru, is an effort to make it easier for your friends and family to receive money.

What Ways Can I Receive Money?

Option 1 – Mukuru Card top Up

If you have a Mukuru card you can receive money straight into it 24/7 – seven days a week. An SMS and email notification will be sent to both the sender and receiver to inform both of you of the position of the transaction. Usually, this kind of transfer takes up to 24 hours.

Option 2 – Money Received To A Mobile Wallet

Mobile money is one of the most convenient ways of moving money quickly and effortlessly. Mukuru has this option to receive money locally or from another country straight into your mobile money account like EcoCash. Once your funds are received in your wallet you can proceed and withdraw in the usual way. This particular method is instant. 

Option 3 – Mukuru Branch, Orange Booth, Or Payout Partner

This option is not as convenient as the first two but it is a viable option and the most traditional one. You can collect at any Mukuru Branch, Orange booth, and/or any one of the payout partners. You will need to take your National ID or Driver’s License or Passport with you for identification. 

You should also take the order number or voucher you would have received via SMS upon transfer. The last thing you will need is your proof of residence though it is not always a prerequisite. You will fill out a receipt form once you have collected the funds.

Option 4 – Transfer Into Bank Account

This particular option does not need anything from you to claim funds. The money will just be debited into your account in 48 hours. It is very simple though it is not the most urgent method.

After How Long Does Mukuru Money Expire?

A voucher otherwise known as a Wicode expires within 72 hours after being issued to the recipient. If you do not collect in – 72 hours the transaction will be reversed and the sender will be notified and given an option to redo the transaction. In this case, your sender will need to generate a new voucher for you which also expires in 72 hours. 

Can you send Money within Zimbabwe using Mukuru?

You can send money within the borders of Zimbabwe using Mukuru. The minimum amount you can send is $10. You will be charged a fee that is 7% of the amount you intend to send. 

Is Mukuru Open in Zimbabwe Today?

Mukuru’s orange booths are open every single day of the week including Sundays. This comes as great news for a number of customers since the service used to be closed on Sundays. You can open a Mukuru account, receive money or just ask questions and you will be able to get assistance.