How Do I Send Money Via Mukuru?

How do I send money via Mukuru? You can send money using the mobile app, WhatsApp or you can do it at the nearest branch using the help of a Mukuru teller.

First things first. Before you can use Mukuru you need to be a registered user. Mukuru has been around for 17 years and it is present in several countries. Even though it is not the cheapest remittance service company, it is the most popular one in Zimbabwe and many other African countries. 

To send money fast and securely, Mukuru is worth considering. Probably one of the reasons most people love it is the fact that they have a number of pick-up points in their different locations which creates extra convenience. People in peri-urban and rural locations can still get easy access to the service. 

How To Register On Mukuru

You have a couple of options that you can use to register your Mukuru account. 


When you visit the Mukuru website you will find a button that redirects you to the Mukuru WhatsApp. You can also use the number +27860018555. Remember to enter the +27-country code especially if you are signing up from outside South Africa. You just have to send a message saying “hi”. You will immediately get a response and you will be given a few instructions on how to sign up. You will be able to send a maximum of R2 000 immediately! 

Mukuru Mobile App

You can download the Mukuru Mobile App. Sign up by providing all the information as it is requested inside the app. As soon as you are done you will be able to send money immediately. 

Speak to a Consultant

If you are currently in South Africa you can speak to a consultant. You can dial 086 001 8555 and the consultant can assist you. You can also dial *130*567# and a Mukuru consultant will call you.

Go To A Branch

Visit the nearest branch and a Mukuru consultant will help you with signing up.


How to Create an order

You have options to create an order from. 

  1. You can use the Mobi site using the link on the Mukuru website. 
  2. Use the Mukuru WhatsApp number +27860018555. Send a message and you will get a response with a list of options. You simply follow the prompts.
  3. If you are in South Africa you can use the USSD *130*567#. You will be presented with options. Select the relevant option then follow the prompts.
  4. You can use the mobile app. Inside the app, you have the “create order” option.

Pay for your Order

As soon as you have created an order you will receive an SMS or WhatsApp with the order details. You can use this to pay for the order. In a few moments, your recipient should receive a notification that their funds are ready for collection. Your recipient can go to the closest Mukuru payout partner and collect their funds.