How do I check my balance on Liquid Telecom?

Liquid Telecoms rebranded to Liquid Intelligent Technologies in 2021. The restructuring started in South Africa in 2020. The name Liquid Intelligent Technologies was adopted to reflect its capacity as a one-stop shop for all digital and connectivity services. It is now the largest independent service provider.  

Background of Liquid Intelligent Telecom

Liquid Intelligent Technologies started as Econet Satellite Services in 1997. The enterprise handled voice and satellite services for the Econet Wireless Group. In 2004, the company rebranded as Liquid Telecoms. The extensive infrastructure the company offers facilitated the growth of the company. 

In 2009 the company rolled out the fibre optic network. The endeavour boosted the portfolio and laid the foundation for the company to become a giant in telecommunications. Liquid Intelligent Technologies projects that since Africa has only explored 20% of its connectivity capability demand will grow.   

The vast infrastructure of the company will ensure that the company will be at the forefront of the technological revolution in Africa. Introducing cyber security, and cloud services meant that, the company had to rebrand to project its newfound capability. In 2021 the company became Liquid Intelligent Technologies. 

Where is Liquid Intelligent Technologies Based?

Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ offices are in London. The offices of the parent company, Cassava Technologies are also situated there. 

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is a business of Cassava Technologies. Both entities are subsidiaries of the Econet Global Group. Econet Global Group is a private company controlled by Strive Masiiwa. 

Where are Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ Operations? 

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is an independent digital and telecommunications services provider. It is pan-African in its approach, concentrating on connecting the continent, and linking it to the world. 

The entity has operations in Southern, East and Central Africa. It has recently established a terrestrial optic fibre link between East and Western Africa. Liquid Intelligent Technologies is firmly established in 14 African countries. 

It has over 100 000 km of fibre optic connecting Africa. About 100 million people are impacted by its operations and the company has connected 643 towns and cities across the continent. The enterprise is redefining cloud, cyber security and network. 

The enterprise has opened opportunities in business applications, smart-cloud services and high-end security systems. Long-term partnerships and contracts ensure sustainable business growth.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies has data centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi, Harare and Kigali. The centres occupy 19 000m² and consume 74 MW of electricity.  

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is at the forefront of internet and telecommunications services in Africa.

How Do I Check My Balance? 

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is an international brand that has acquired several companies. In Zimbabwe, Liquid Home (formerly Zol) is responsible for service provision. In Zambia, Hai Zambia oversees operations. 

To check balances in Liquid Home (formerly Zimbabwe Online- Zol) the client can download the application, My Liquid Home from the google play store. The client must then use the Log-in details when accessing the web portal. The client can top up or enquire about balances through the application or web portal. 

The process is similar when using the MyHai app in Zambia. The details used when logging in through the web portal are used when using the application. Through the portal or application, one can enquire about balances.