Get Your Bulk Airtime and SMS Needs in One Place

As Paynow through understanding the needs of our customers we always come up with innovative solutions to improve your operational efficiencies. As such we have packaged a bulk airtime and sms solution which can be executed by Paynow or as a self service solution. With bulk airtime our value proposition is to supply all airtime and data across all networks in Zimbabwe from a single payment and single invoice. All this is done at no additional cost.

Pay for the face value of both airtime and data with the added convenience of direct delivery to the recipient remotely. The need to communicate with your clients cannot be overemphasized. Bulk SMS solution makes this possible through this affordable channel at competitive rates in the market. We offer support for any queries arising through our efficient and professional Contact Centre. You simply deserve the best customer care and that is what we offer.

Bulk Airtime

Our Solution’s Benefits

  1. Single payment and invoice for airtime and/or data from Econet, NetOne, Telecel, ZOL and TelOne
  2. Cut on distribution costs and minimise human capital during the covid 19 era
  3. Minimise on allowance abuse. Instead of distributing cash for airtime, have the actual airtime or data distributed.
  4. Save time and do what matters by allowing us to cover your administrative function of buying and distributing the airtime across the networks and service providers

Bulk SMS

Our Solution’s Benefits

  1. Send SMSes across all networks at affordable rates
  2. Increase your brand visibility through the use of a user ID
  3. Carry out your marketing initiatives with the cheapest yet efficient channel with an open rate of 98%
  4. All the above ultimately pave the way to boosting your revenue
  5. Receive SMS campaign reports for delivery statuses

Register a TXT Account for Self Service

Be in control of your TXT Account by registering through and have access to the following benefits:

  1. Distribute airtime and SMSes through the account for your specific needs at anytime
  2. Keep a record for accountability and audit trail for both airtime and SMSes distribution.
  3. Top up your account independently through our Paynow channels ( Ecocash, Onemoney, Telecash, Vpayments, Visa/Mastercard) or transfer funds to us and we top it up for you
  4. Free training on how to use the account

Next Steps for Bulk Airtime

Option 1

  1. Submit your schedules to our sales team for all networks or ISPs which include: Name, Phone number/account number, Package if data and Amount
  2. Receive a quotation with our banking details and make a payment
  3. Provide the POP and expect delivery within 48 hours

Option 2

  1. Register a TXT account on
  2. Top up the account through a bank transfer or through Paynow
  3. Create contacts or upload them through a CSV file
  4. Distribute the airtime

Next Steps for Bulk SMS

Option 1

  1. Decide if you want to use a default user ID or your own company name oriented user ID
  2. If using your company user ID, apply for the user ID with not more than 11 characters.
  3. Submit your database and text content with not more than 140 characters and get a quotation
  4. Provide the POP for the campaign to be sent out
  5. Receive a report for campaign delivery statuses

Option 2

  1. Register a TXT account on
  2. Top up the account through a bank transfer or through Paynow
  3. Create contacts or upload them through a CSV file
  4. Distribute your SMSes
  5. View your reports for delivery status

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