Does ZOL give free data?

Does ZOL give free data? ZOL offered free data on their FiBroniks packages for everyone who signed up for fibre internet between 1 December 2020 and 28 February 2021. This promotion gave new customers free access to the internet for a full month. 

The catch was that if you make full payment in the first and second months then the third month would be free. This promo was applicable on all uncapped packages. If you happened to be using a capped package you would get double your usual data in the third month. Unfortunately, the promotion did not apply for those on WiBroniks.

What is the ZOL free 30-minute ZOLspot?

ZOL used to offer free WiFi through hotspots that were spread across the country. For thirty minutes one could get unlimited access to the internet. ZOL’s hotspots are no longer accessible to non-customers. 

You can still access the internet from ZOLspots if you are an existing ZOL customer and you have registered for FiBroniks on the Go. A ZOLspot allows you to use the data you have on your home broadband. 

Otherwise, you will have to purchase a voucher through EcoCash or Paynow to use a ZOLspot. Internet access has been out of reach for most Zimbabweans and ZOL’s free hotspots played a big role in helping ordinary people get access to the internet. All good things do come to an end and ZOLspots were not an exception. 

How do I use a ZOLspot? 

Connecting to a ZOLspot is not as complicated as one would think. In a few easy steps, you can get connected. 

  1. Get to a ZOLspot and connect to ZOL wifi with the unsecured SSID, which is the one without a lock icon.
  2. As soon as you are connected you will be asked to log in
  3. Choose the “FiBroniks on the Go” option
  4. Your page will scroll down then you should click on the “Go to MyZol” button.

If your ZOL home broadband package is capped you essentially use the data from that package when you connect on a ZOLspot. If you have an uncapped package then you also get unlimited access at a ZOLspot. 

Users report that it is far simpler connecting to a ZOLspot using an iOS device than any other alternative. Below are a few steps on how to create your ZOL login. 

How to create a ZOLspot login 

As already mentioned, you need to be an active ZOL customer to access the ZOLspot without additional charges. Take the following steps to create your own login. 

  1. Go to then proceed to log in using your ZOL ID.
  2. Click on FiBroniks on the go
  3. Select “add user”
  4. Create a password or simply use the automatically-generated password.
  5. Enter your name and email address
  6. Login details will be sent to your specified email address. 

You can even do this away from a ZOLspot such that when you do find it you just connect immediately. As a ZOL customer, you must connect to ZOLsecure and use your ZOL password to get connected.