Does TelOne have fibre? TelOne Zimbabwe has the largest fixed-line telecommunications network in Zimbabwe covering many parts of the country. It is on this backdrop that TelOne has been able to offer internet services to their customers all across Zimbabwe.

In recent years TelOne has been expanding its fibre optic network to offer its customers a better option. Previously TelOne used to have different packages depending on whether you had ADSL or fibre.

TelOne now offers the same packages for those on ADSL and those on Fibre. TelOne offers one of the fastest and most reliable broadband connections in comparison to Zimbabwe’s other internet service providers.

How long does TelOne WiFi last?

Over and above the fixed-line broadband like ADSL and fibre, TelOne also has some mobile broadband packages under its TelOne blaze. This service requires you to have a TelOne MiFi router that comes with an LTE SIM. 

There are several month-to-month packages that you can choose from depending on your needs. When you purchase the bundle of your choice you will have a thirty-day period in which you can use your data. 

Once your first thirty days expire you have another 30-day window period to use your data if you still have some leftover. This is called a rollover and you can use it just like your normal data until it is exhausted. You can not roll over your data after completing the thirty-day window period.

How does TelOne data transfer work? 

TelOne allows you to transfer data to another user be it a friend, family member, or significant other.  All you need is the TelOne phone number of your recipient and the amount of data that you would want to send.

Before you complete the transfer you will be sent an OTP on your number associated with your TelOne account to confirm the transaction. Once you enter the OTP data will immediately be sent to your recipient.

How much do WiFi bundles cost? 

TelOne has both capped and uncapped packages for both fixed broadband and mobile broadband. Their pricing is quite reasonable and it is more or less what other ISPs are offering. All prices below are in USD. 

TelOne Residential Broadband

Package Download Cap US$
Home Basic 10 GB 12.00
Home Extra 15 GB 14.00
Home Plus 30 GB 22.00
Home Premier 60 GB 37.00
Home Surfer 100 GB 48.00
Home Boost 200 GB 54.00
Infinity Pro 500 GB 79.00
Intense Uncapped (FUP) 107.00

TelOne Night Packages

Package Download Cap US$
Home Basic Night 15 +15 GB 16.00
Home Plus Night 30 +30 GB 28.00
Home Premier Night 60 + 60 GB 48.00

TelOne Uncapped Packages

Package Download Speed US$
Infinity Supreme 20 Mbps 134.00
Intense Extra 50 Mbps 180.00

New TelOne Blaze LTE packages prices

Package Download Cap US$
Blaze Lite 8GB 11.00
Blaze Xtra 15GB 18.00
Blaze Boost 20GB 18.00
Blaze Ultra 40GB 29.00
Blaze Trailblazer 100GB 44.00
Blaze Supernova Uncapped* (FUP) 87.00