Can I purchase in USD on Paynow Topup

Following a recent pronouncement from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) permitting the use of foreign currency to pay for domestic goods and services, you may now pay for many products on Paynow Topup using ZWL or USD. You can find the selector on the top right hand corner of the site to toggle between the two currencies.

Can l purchase with a currency other than the USD?

Yes, you can. Prices on Paynow Topup are displayed in either ZWL or USD. Customers with other currencies will be able to purchase in their own currencies against the USD.

What is the exchange rate used?

The exchange rate is updated daily in line with the published rate by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

How much does it cost?

There are no additional costs associated with USD purchases. The price of the product is what will be charged to your Visa/Mastercard.

Are there any limits to the amount l can spend?

There is no maximum limit of spend on Paynow Topup unless a customer’s source of payment has a limit.

Where can l get assistance if l need help?

You can get assistance by phone, live chat, email, whatsapp and facebook – daily between 7am and 8pm.

Paynow Contact Centre
Phone – 08677 665 463
Whatsapp – +263 71 990 0809
Email –

Which payment options can I use to pay?

Paynow Topup accepts Nostro payments via Visa and Mastercard. And Local payments through Ecocash, One Money, Telecash, Zimswitch VPayments and Visa.

How secure is Paynow Topup?

All communication from your browser to topup is encrypted and user login data is stored in an industry standard secure manner. Neither Paynow Topup nor Paynow stores your Visa / MasterCard card details, a third party would need to gain access to this information from another source in order to make a payment without your knowledge. Paynow Topup will block future transactions from your account or card if suspicious transactions are detected and freeze existing suspicious transactions before payment to the merchant for further investigation.