Buy Telecel airtime using Ecocash

buy telecel airtime using ecocash

How do you buy Telecel airtime using Ecocash? It’s no secret that Ecocash is the leading player in Zimbabwe when it comes to financial transactions. They have managed to capture the market in ways which were previously only a pipe dream.

They are now the most popular way to move money among the Zimbabwean citizenry. Buying airtime is one of the things that have been made really easy. I believe that very few of us remember what a recharge card looks like.

The problem arises when you want to purchase airtime for other mobile service providers outside of Econet. Though they have their own mobile money wallets (Telecash and OneMoney) hardly anyone uses them.

This presents a bit of a problem. For the majority of Zimbabweans, Econet is their main mobile service provider and they may have one or both service providers as their second line.

Telecel and NetOne have managed to capture a bigger share of the market within the last year or so by introducing cheaper data through their package deal offering. A number of people have since adopted these lines for their data needs especially those with dual sim mobile phones.

How to buy Telecel Bundles using Ecocash

Though you can’t buy Telecel airtime directly using your Ecocash wallet, there is a great alternative available to you. Enter Zimbabwe’s leading online payment processing gateway, Paynow.

From the time of its inception, Paynow has always been a pioneer when it comes to groundbreaking solutions in the Zimbabwean market. We introduced the first real online bill payment app that brought eCommerce services to Zimbabwe.

Soon after, we followed that up with the country’s leading airtime purchase and bill payment platform; With this service, you can buy your Telecel airtime as well as NetOne, Africom, ZOL and other services. 

So, how do you buy Telecel airtime using Ecocash? Well, you have 2 options available to you. The first one is to use our website Don’t have data to access our website? No worries, you can use our WhatsApp bot where all you need is your WhatsApp bundle and you are ready to transact.

Buy on the Paynow Website

To purchase airtime on our website, follow the following steps:

  1.   Go to
  2. On the home page, select the airtime tab
  3.   At this point, you can select one of 2 options. The first option is to choose Telecel. When you choose this option, you will be buying pre-paid vouchers which you can use or forward to someone else. Once you check out, you will receive the vouchers as an SMS which you use to recharge in the traditional way.

The second way is to choose the airtime direct option. This allows for airtime to be sent directly to the Telecel number of your choice without the need to enter the recharge voucher.

  1.   Once you’ve filled out the relevant information or picked the vouchers you want to purchase, select the payment option then pick the Ecocash/OneMoney option.
  2.   Fill in your Ecocash number and submit. You will get a prompt on your Ecocash phone. Fill in your pin and submit and you are done.

Buy on the WhatsApp Bot

In order to cater to those who are not online, Paynow developed a WhatsApp bot which offers great convenience to the general public. To get access to it, save the number +263 864 4429 100 and access it on WhatsApp.

Here are the steps for buying airtime.

  1.   In the chat window, enter airtime.
  2.   Follow the prompts as directed and pick out the option of your choice
  3.   After completing the process, a popup will appear on your Ecocash phone. Enter your pin and you are done.

Alternatively, instead of following the prompts, you can use the long code #airtime#recepient_number#amount#mobile_wallet_number. In practice, your transaction will look like this:


Submit that and the popup prompt will appear on your Ecocash number. Enter your Ecocash pin and you’re done.