Buy Airtime Using Ecocash

buy airtime using ecocash

In this article, we are going to look at how you can buy airtime using Ecocash for all the local mobile networks as well as Africom and TelOne ADSL. Convenience is the name of the game and Ecocash has definitely brought that to the Zimbabwean market.

A lot has definitely changed since the introduction of mobile money onto the Zimbabwean market. Ecocash was the pioneer in this regard and soon, Telecel and NetOne introduced their own mobile money wallets.

Though this was a game-changer, especially when it came to buying airtime, there still were obstacles in that you could not buy airtime across networks using Ecocash and the other 2 mobile money platforms. That all changed when Paynow came onto the scene.

Buying airtime using Ecocash is now a very simple process on Paynow’s platform. You can buy Econet, Telecel, NetOne, Tel-One and Africom airtime using a single mobile money service without limitations. With Paynow, you can also use TeleCash, OneMoney as well the ZimSwitch service to pay for your airtime.

How to Buy Airtime for Multiple Networks with Ecocash?

By Far the most convenient way through which you can buy airtime across all mobile networks in Zimbabwe using Ecocash is through the Paynow service. Paynow is the most comprehensive bill payment app solution available on the Zimbabwean market today.

Ecocash has definitely been a game-changer but it comes with its limitations. Chief among these is the fact that you can only buy Econet airtime directly on their platform. Effectively it means that you can only enjoy ultimate convenience as long as you are operating within the Econet universe which includes its sister companies such as ZOL and Liquid Telecom.

This is even more evident when you use competing services like OneMoney and TeleCash. None of these offer cross-platform payment solutions. For this reason, Paynow stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Paynow will allow you to buy airtime for all Mobile networks in Zimbabwe as well as ISPs using Ecocash. Paynow is a pioneer in this space in Zimbabwe and they have managed to secure strong relationships with the major players in the marketplace. Though other competing services are cropping up, none come near to the comprehensive service offering of Paynow. It is truly a one-stop-shop.

To use the service, you simply visit the Paynow website or their recently launched WhatsApp Bot.

Buy Airtime Using Ecocash on Paynow Website

To use the service online, go to and choose the product you wish to pay for which is, in this case, airtime for any mobile network or ISP in Zimbabwe. You will be prompted through the necessary steps in selecting the amount of airtime or the bundle you wish to purchase.

You can buy for yourself or another person. Once you are done, you will be asked to choose a payment option where you select Ecocash as a payment option. You enter your Ecocash number after which you will receive a payment popup on your Ecocash phone.

Besides Ecocash, you can use TeleCash as well as OneMoney to pay on Paynow. Other Payment options include  ZimSwitch, Visa and MasterCard.

Buy Airtime Using Ecocash on Paynow WhatsApp Bot

If you are not online there’s no need to worry. Paynow recently launched a WhatsApp Bot that allows you to purchase airtime with Ecocash. All you need is a WhatsApp bundle and the WhatsApp Bot number saved to your phone.

Simply save +263 864 4429 100 to your mobile phone then access it on WhatsApp. In the chat window, type airtime and you will be prompted through the necessary steps.