For so many years the world has been working hard to have a cashless society and it looks like banking services by Ecocash just cracked that. Without going inside a bank, you can now move money from your bank to your EcoCash wallet.  

How to use the EcoCash Banking Services

Anyone who has an account with Stanbic, Steward, ZB Bank, CBZ, CABS, BancABC, MBCA, NMB, Agribank, and POSB can link their bank account to their EcoCash wallet. From there you can use your cellphone to transfer money, make bill payments, do shopping, check your balance, or withdraw money. These are the steps you need to follow to link your bank account to your EcoCash wallet:

  1. Go to your bank then fill out and sign an indemnity form by supplying this information: Full Name, ID Number, Cellphone Number, and Account Number.
  2. This information has to be verified before completing your registration.
  3. Once your registration has been completed successfully you will receive a confirmation message.

Swiping into EcoCash

Once linked you can enjoy this exciting feature where you can now swipe into your Ecocash wallet using a ZimSwitch linked bank card at any store that has a Steward bank point of sale machine. EcoCash assures that it is very safe, secure, and simple to carry out this transaction. This service can be found at over 5000 outlets across the nation. 

How to swipe into your EcoCash Wallet

  1. Go to an outlet with a Steward Bank Point of Sale machine
  2. Swipe your ZimSwitch linked card
  3. Confirm your details like your name and your surname
  4. Enter the amount you desire to swipe-in
  5. Enter your bank card pin (please note this is not your EcoCash pin)
  6. Receive an SMS for confirmation


The List of Bank cards that can swipe into EcoCash

  • African Century
  • AgriBank
  • BancABC
  • Barclays
  • CABS
  • CBZ
  • EcoCash Express Debit Card
  • FBC Bank
  • MBCA
  • POSB
  • Stanbic
  • Standard Chartered
  • Steward Bank
  • ZB Bank


How to become an EcoCash Merchant

To become an EcoCash merchant you can download a copy of the Merchant application form on the EcoCash website. Complete the form by providing all relevant details and support documentation. Once done you can contact the EcoCash department for vetting and contracts. Application forms can also be collected at any Econet shop across the nation. 

What is an EcoCash Merchant?

According to the EcoCash website, an EcoCash merchant can be any organization (non-profit or for-profit) that receives any form of payment for goods or services via the Ecocash platform. Most merchants deal with over-the-counter sales.


How does a merchant withdraw money from their wallet?

  1. Withdrawals are done at any EcoCash agent. You simply specify the amount you would like to withdraw then you will be given the cash and your balance will be updated. You will receive a notification after the transaction.
  2. Corporates can send an instruction to Econet and a transfer can be made into their bank account.