Are there any Data Centres in Africa?

Are there data centres anywhere in Africa? A data centre is a location that houses networks and computing equipment. The data centre must be capable of storing and processing large amounts of data.  Data centres have become a very relevant technology due to the services provided. They are used for a myriad of critical services.

Data centres have been used to operate power grids, telecommunications transport networks, bank systems, security systems, entertainment, and health. Vast infrastructure relies on data centres.

Components of Data Centers?

Data centres are an essential technology in the 21st century. Like many companies, organizations and individuals go digital. The reliance on cloud services has become more important since transnational organizations need to access information readily where ever they are.  Companies rely more and more on their data stores in the cloud.

Data centres are made up of multiple components. A collection of networking, storage, and processing equipment is used. The equipment can be described as routers, switches, storage systems, servers, and application delivery controllers.

Functions of a Data Center

The data centre has a myriad f uses. Due to the advent of technology, it has become necessary for organizations to store large amounts of data. Hence data centres are useful since they collect and store large amounts of data. The centres are also critical for processing and distributing large amounts of data.

Data centres are critical infrastructures. Businesses that need to maintain an online presence can rely on the services of data centres for their benefit. Through data centres, businesses and organizations can operate efficiently in their daily activities whilst running applications and processing data.

The data centres connect centre servers that are physically and virtually. Storage and extra connectivity to end-users are ensured. The storage infrastructure is also used to manage data users for day-to-day use. The servers process critical data for organizations and companies.

Where Are Data Centers Found in Africa?

Africa has only explored a mere 20% of its connectivity capability. The demand for connectivity is still relatively low; however, the COVID-induced demand for connectivity has increased demand. As such, data centres for organizations and businesses have become even more important.

Regardless of the difficulties faced by many operators in the field. Data centres can be found in Africa.

Africa has 82 colocation data centres. Various companies are on the verge of building more centres in Africa. The centres are established in all regions of the continent. Algeria has 4 centres, Angola with 7, Cameroon 1, Democratic Republic of Congo 1, Ghana 2, Kenya 9, Mauritius 9, Morocco 5, Nigeria 10, Reunion 1, South Africa 26, Tanzania 2, Tunisia 2, Uganda 1, and Zimbabwe 1.