Are Liquid Telecom and Econet Linked?

Liquid telecom does indeed have links with Econet, and as the old proverb says, an apple never falls too far from the tree, that is the same exact case when it comes to liquid telecom under its parent company, Econet. 

Liquid Telecom has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Liquid Telecom is a direct subsidiary of Econet holdings and is listed on the Stock Exchange. 

Liquid telecom subsequently known as liquid intelligent technologies has been responsible for providing a reliable fibre optic link which helps Econet wireless to be able to reach remote areas that it cannot reach on its own. 

Liquid Telecom has then provided a large surface area for Econetwireless to be able to provide its services on a larger,  vast area. Talk about brilliance and effective planning! 

The Relationship Between Liquid Telecom and Econet

Econet wireless was founded by Zimbabwe’s billionaire and business tycoon, StriveMasiyiwa back in July 1998 and has become Zimbabwe’s leading telecommunications services provider. 

It was then listed on the Stock Exchange in the September of the same year it was launched. Econetwanted to be able to cover a really large geographical area and this was to be made possible by implementing a very long fibre network and that’s when liquid telecom was born. 

Liquid Telecom was founded in 2005 as a child of the Econetgroup and in 2009 it managed to launch its border crossing fibre network that has linked the vast majority of southern Africa to the rest of the world. 

Liquid Telecom has therefore been very successful and much more powerful as it managed to acquire Zimbabwe Online (ZOL) which is one of Zimbabwe’s biggest Internet services providers, back in 2012. 

Liquid Telecom has been unstoppable since, despite Zimbabwe Online (ZOL) remaining an independent company in terms of branding and operations.

Who founded Econet and Liquid Telecom?

Having pointed out that liquid telecom is under Econet global, let’s dive into who the brilliant man behind these two empires was. A very prominent, well-respected man who goes by the name of Strive Masiyiwa was the one who founded both Econetand telecom.

He pursued his education at the University of Wales, United Kingdom and that is where he currently resides with his daughters and wife. Strive Masiyiwais Zimbabwe’s first self-made billionaire.

The current group chief executive officer of telecom is NicRudnick who has managed to maintain the standard Masiyiwahad set for his corporation.

So clearly he has had help from the liquid tech executive team that includes the likes of Ahmad Mokhles and Kate Hennessy and other significant executives to get the company to where it is now.