Airtime Top-Up App – Recharge Any Network in Zimbabwe

airtime top-up app

With multiple digital payments available, cross-platform payments have become a necessity for the average Zimbabwean. We have gotten to a stage where the bulk of the country’s financial transactions happen electronically.

There are few areas in which this is more of a fact than with airtime top-up. It is also very clear that the leading platform in Zimbabwe as far as purchasing airtime conveniently is Paynow’s payment app. 

Paynow Topup App?

Paynow Topup application is a web-based app that helps you do cross-platform payments. Paynow allows you to pay utility bills, Mobile bundles, airtime, and tuition as well as buy fuel amongst other applications. From the comfort of your home, it’s now possible to balance out your Zesa and Zinwa bills. 

Utility bill payments are available for the following local authorities and utility providers:

  • ZESA Prepaid
  • ZINWA water Meter Bill
  • City of Harare
  • City of Masvingo
  • Bulawayo City Council
  • City of Mutare
  • Ruwa Local Board
  • Victoria Falls Municipality
  • Norton Town Council
  • Bindura Municipality

Paynow has added an extra layer of convenience by introducing the Paynow WhatsApp bot. This means that you are now able to buy airtime and pay bills all from within WhatsApp. To access it, simply save the number +263 8644 729 100 and message it through WhatsApp.

To buy airtime, send the message “airtime” and you will be prompted through the rest of the steps.

Buying Airtime Online

When having challenges with buying airtime for your Econet Buddie line with your One Wallet or vice versa, the Paynow TopUp application enables you to make cross-platform payments.

Paynow TopUp gives you options for Airtime direct. This allows one to top-up airtime directly to their phone without any extra charges for the transaction.

 The Airtime Direct option gives you an option to buy either airtime or data & social bundles across all mobile networks.

What does this mean for you? It means you can buy Telecel airtime and bundles using your Ecocash or OneMoney wallet.

You can buy airtime on Paynow using your mobile money wallet, Zimswitch, or local Visa and MasterCard.