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ZOL Online Bill Payment for Uncapped Packages

Many businesses these days have home offices or regular offices with some staff working from home. The Covid pandemic has certainly changed how businesses operate which has prompted operational changes as a result. For business purposes, data usage cannot be accurately estimated and a fixed monthly amount for data has always made sense.This is where ZOL online Bill Payment comes into play.

Because of Covid most organizations have resorted to a combination of uncapped internet usage and fixed monthly data packages. For those working from an office, the uncapped packages make more sense. Other staff members working from home are better off using the ‘Pay As You Go’ packages instead. It’s important to understand your data requirements so you can choose the best solution for your situation.

The focus of this post is the uncapped ZOL packages which have no limit on data usage and are valid for 30 days. Unlike the ‘Pay As You Go’ packages, the uncapped data packages have no rollover period. This means that you have to make a bill payment after every 30 days to keep your account active regardless of how much data you’ve used.

If you have an office and staff working from there, check out the packages that ZOL has on offer and select the one that suits your budget. And guess what? When you are out and about your account logins give you uncapped access to over 300 ZOL wifi points. You can also access the internet from over 300 ZOLSpots using ‘Fibroniks on the Go’. Isn’t that awesome?

So here’s how you can top-up your ZOL account online with Uncapped


Using your preferred browser open the link ZOL Bill Payment (

1.Enter you ZOL ID

2. Click Proceed

3. Verify Your details and select the amount to pay

4. Select a payment method and proceed

ZOL Data Packages – Pay As You Go

Whether you’re working from home or just need data for personal use, ZOL Pay As You Go works really well. In fact, ZOL has some really great packages that cater for everyone. Pay As You Go ZOL data packages are for fixed monthly data subscriptions – whether you’re using Wibroniks or Fibroniks.

It’s ideal for home use – working from home, and/or other non-heavy duty activities online. It might not be ideal for a business setup for example as you can’t estimate how much data will be required. You can pretty much estimate how much data you need from month to month if you’re going to use this option.

In the past, Pay As You Go might have been sufficient for use with the rest of the family. Not that it’s entirely impossible even now but you’d have to restrict a lot of things like video streaming, and social media maybe- but we all know that’s next to impossible.

Some kids do school online these days which is data intensive too. An alternative would be separate accounts for you and your kids but it wouldn’t make sense, would it? It would be too much of an administrative nightmare.


These ZOL data packages come with a validity period of 15 or 30 days (depends on the package) and a similar number of rollover days. Rollover comes into play when you don’t exhaust your data within the initial 15 or 30 days of your subscription.


So here’s how you can top-up your account with Pay As You Go


  1. Using your preferred browser open the link ZOL Pay As You Go (


  1. Enter your ZOL ID
    ZOL Data packages - Pay As You Go
  2. Click Continue to Display all the services under that ZOL ID


  1. Click Select and select your preferred package


  1. Enter your mobile number and email address if you require a copy of your payment


  1. Click Proceed to process the payment.

Airtime Top-Up App – Recharge Any Network in Zimbabwe

With multiple digital payments available, cross-platform payments have become a necessity for the average Zimbabwean. We have gotten to a stage where the bulk of the country’s financial transactions happen electronically.

There are few areas in which this is more of a fact than with airtime top-up. It is also very clear that the leading platform in Zimbabwe as far as purchasing airtime conveniently is Paynow’s payment app. 

Paynow Topup App?

Paynow Topup application is a web-based app that helps you do cross-platform payments. Paynow allows you to pay utility bills, Mobile bundles, airtime, and tuition as well as buy fuel amongst other applications. From the comfort of your home, it’s now possible to balance out your Zesa and Zinwa bills. 

Utility bill payments are available for the following local authorities and utility providers:

  • ZESA Prepaid
  • ZINWA water Meter Bill
  • City of Harare
  • City of Masvingo
  • Bulawayo City Council
  • City of Mutare
  • Ruwa Local Board
  • Victoria Falls Municipality
  • Norton Town Council
  • Bindura Municipality

Paynow has added an extra layer of convenience by introducing the Paynow WhatsApp bot. This means that you are now able to buy airtime and pay bills all from within WhatsApp. To access it, simply save the number +263 8644 729 100 and message it through WhatsApp.

To buy airtime, send the message “airtime” and you will be prompted through the rest of the steps.

Buying Airtime Online

When having challenges with buying airtime for your Econet Buddie line with your One Wallet or vice versa, the Paynow TopUp application enables you to make cross-platform payments.

Paynow TopUp gives you options for Airtime direct. This allows one to top-up airtime directly to their phone without any extra charges for the transaction.

 The Airtime Direct option gives you an option to buy either airtime or data & social bundles across all mobile networks.

What does this mean for you? It means you can buy Telecel airtime and bundles using your Ecocash or OneMoney wallet.

You can buy airtime on Paynow using your mobile money wallet, Zimswitch, or local Visa and MasterCard.

NetOne Bundles – Your Full Guide

In this article, we are going to be looking at NetOne bundles. NetOne offers a suite of regular data as well as social media bundles that give their users convenient and affordable access to the internet.

We can all agree that data bundles have been a game-changer and in stark contrast to the days when we would access the internet using our ordinary airtime. It was only a few years ago when this innovation hit the market yet it feels much longer than that.

NetOne offers different bundles at different price points that offer their customers an easy and affordable way to stay connected. There are regular internet as well as social media options ranging from hourly, daily, weekly to monthly bundles.

What Bundles Does NetOne Offer?

NetOne offers many bundles covering different user needs. If you want full-on access to the web or just want to keep in touch on your favorite social media platform, you are pretty much covered.

Regular Bundles                                  

NetOne offers a range of data bundles ranging from hourly to monthly bundles depending on your needs. Here is what they offer:

Bundle Price ZWL Window Period
1 GB Hourly 80.00 1 Hour
1 GB Hourly 150.00 2 Hours
Night Bundle 160.00 22:00hrs to 06:00
30MB 33.00 24hrs
80MB 70.00 24hrs
200MB 150.00 24hrs
480MB 300.00 24hrs
960MB 420.00 24hrs
1200MB 480.00 24hrs


Social Media Bundles

NetOne also offers a range of different Social Media bundles to keep you in the loop on your favourite Social Media platforms.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram Price ZWL Window Period
20MB 22.00 24hrs
50MB 40.00 24hrs
70MB 70.00 7 Days
150MB 140.00 7 Days
300MB 200.00 30 Days
750MB 450.00 30 Days

Private WiFi Bundles

If you are a more heavy user and want access to affordable data on the go, the One-Fi bundles are definitely for you. They offer larger data caps for a lower per MB price when compared to regular bundles. These are the available packages:

One-Fi Bundles Price ZWL Window Period
10GB 2000.00 30 Days
25GB 3500.00 30 Days
50GB 5000.00 30 Days
80GB 6500.00 30 Days

One Fusion

If you are a light to moderate data consumer and want to stay connected throughout the month on all platforms including, data, Social Media, SMS as well as ordinary talk time, OneFusion bundles should be your go-to.

OneFusion bundles have a window period of 30 days.

One-Fi Bundles Price ZWL Window Period
One Fusion Lite 350.00 30 Days
OneFusion Gold 550.00 30 Days
OneFusion Premium 1100.00 30 Days

Kuluma 24/7             

If you are more of the talking type, NetOne has voice bundles that they call Kuluma 24/7. With these, you get discounted talk time bundles. These are the Kuluma 24/7 bundles:

Kuluma 24/7 Price ZWL Window Period
6 minutes 30.00 24hrs
12 minutes 54.00 24hrs
25 minutes 100.00 24hrs

How do I buy NetOne bundles?

Buying NetOne bundles is relatively simple. Simply dial *171# and you will see all the bundle options there. Pick the package you want to buy and proceed to pay using your OneMoney wallet or your data balance.

Even though there is a considerable number of people who use NetOne, not a lot of them use OneMoney. So, how do you pay for your bundles then?

How do I buy NetOne bundles with EcoCash, TeleCash, or ZimSwitch?

The simplest way to buy NetOne bundles with all other payment options available in Zimbabwe is to use On this payment app, you can use many different payment options to buy your NetOne bundles.You can also make use of the super convenient WhatsApp Bot to buy airtime easily and conveniently. To access the WhatsApp Bot, click here or save the number  +263 864 4429

Get Your Bulk Airtime and SMS Needs in One Place

As Paynow through understanding the needs of our customers we always come up with innovative solutions to improve your operational efficiencies. As such we have packaged a bulk airtime and sms solution which can be executed by Paynow or as a self service solution. With bulk airtime our value proposition is to supply all airtime and data across all networks in Zimbabwe from a single payment and single invoice. All this is done at no additional cost.

Pay for the face value of both airtime and data with the added convenience of direct delivery to the recipient remotely. The need to communicate with your clients cannot be overemphasized. Bulk SMS solution makes this possible through this affordable channel at competitive rates in the market. We offer support for any queries arising through our efficient and professional Contact Centre. You simply deserve the best customer care and that is what we offer.

Bulk Airtime

Our Solution’s Benefits

  1. Single payment and invoice for airtime and/or data from Econet, NetOne, Telecel, ZOL and TelOne
  2. Cut on distribution costs and minimise human capital during the covid 19 era
  3. Minimise on allowance abuse. Instead of distributing cash for airtime, have the actual airtime or data distributed.
  4. Save time and do what matters by allowing us to cover your administrative function of buying and distributing the airtime across the networks and service providers

Bulk SMS

Our Solution’s Benefits

  1. Send SMSes across all networks at affordable rates
  2. Increase your brand visibility through the use of a user ID
  3. Carry out your marketing initiatives with the cheapest yet efficient channel with an open rate of 98%
  4. All the above ultimately pave the way to boosting your revenue
  5. Receive SMS campaign reports for delivery statuses

Register a TXT Account for Self Service

Be in control of your TXT Account by registering through and have access to the following benefits:

  1. Distribute airtime and SMSes through the account for your specific needs at anytime
  2. Keep a record for accountability and audit trail for both airtime and SMSes distribution.
  3. Top up your account independently through our Paynow channels ( Ecocash, Onemoney, Telecash, Vpayments, Visa/Mastercard) or transfer funds to us and we top it up for you
  4. Free training on how to use the account

Next Steps for Bulk Airtime

Option 1

  1. Submit your schedules to our sales team for all networks or ISPs which include: Name, Phone number/account number, Package if data and Amount
  2. Receive a quotation with our banking details and make a payment
  3. Provide the POP and expect delivery within 48 hours

Option 2

  1. Register a TXT account on
  2. Top up the account through a bank transfer or through Paynow
  3. Create contacts or upload them through a CSV file
  4. Distribute the airtime

Next Steps for Bulk SMS

Option 1

  1. Decide if you want to use a default user ID or your own company name oriented user ID
  2. If using your company user ID, apply for the user ID with not more than 11 characters.
  3. Submit your database and text content with not more than 140 characters and get a quotation
  4. Provide the POP for the campaign to be sent out
  5. Receive a report for campaign delivery statuses

Option 2

  1. Register a TXT account on
  2. Top up the account through a bank transfer or through Paynow
  3. Create contacts or upload them through a CSV file
  4. Distribute your SMSes
  5. View your reports for delivery status

Sign Up below

Leave your details below and Kudzai will get in touch with you for assistance and to start distributing bulk airtime and bulk SMSes

Bulk Airtime & SMS

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WhatsApp/Call Kudzai on +263719194371
Email on

NetOne Recharge – What you Need to Know

If you are used to doing your NetOne recharge using the old fashioned scratch vouchers or OneMoney, we want to present a few other methods of recharging your airtime in this article.

If you are one of those people still stuck in the past and using recharge scratch vouchers, please stop contributing to pollution and subsequently global warming lol. On a serious note though, we’ve come quite a long way when it comes to conveniently recharging your mobile phone’s airtime.

Gone are the days when you would knock on your airtime vending neighbour’s door at ungodly hours if you had an emergency that needed you to recharge your phone. These days, all you need is money in your mobile money wallet or bank and you are good to go. Let’s look at the different ways to recharge your NetOne line.

How do I recharge my NetOne Line?

There are several ways of doing this but let us start with the most obvious. Outside of buying a physical recharge voucher, the next common way of recharging your NetOne line is through using NetOnes’ mobile money service; OneMoney.

It is, by far, the most convenient way of buying NetOne airtime. If you have money in your OneMoney wallet, you follow these steps:

  1. *111#
  2. Select “Buy Airtime and Bundles” (Option 4)
  3. If you want to buy voice credit, choose option 1. If you want to buy a bundle, choose option 2
  4. Enter the amount if buying airtime or if option 2, select the relevant bundle.
  5. Make your payment by entering the PIN

The above method works well if you have  OneMoney wallet with credit in it. What if you have other mobile money wallets like Ecocash or TeleCash?

Can you buy NetOne airtime using EcoCash or TeleCash? 

You cannot recharge your NetOne line directly from Ecocash. However, you can go to  to purchase airtime using your EcoCash balance. To do this, simply go to the website and select the Airtime tab then select NetOne.

Using Paynow, you can either buy airtime directly or purchase a mobile bundle of your choice. On the checkout page, you can use Ecocash, TeleCash, OneMoney, Zimswitch, Visa or Mastercard to make your payment.

Paynow also allows you to buy NetOne credit with Ecoocash using a WhatsApp bot. If you find yourself in a position where you don’t have data to access the internet, you can simply use the WhatsApp bot.

To access the bot, save the number +263 864 4429 100. Access this number through WhatsApp and type the word “start” in the chat window then follow the instructions. At the end of the process, a pop up will appear on your Econet phone where you enter your PIN and you are done.

If you  want a quicker method, you can use the following long code:

#airtime#recepient_number#amount#mobile_wallet_number. When you type it out, it should look something like  #airtime#0719792310#50#0776803255. When you use the long code, you bypass the step by step process which may take a bit longer.


Netone Data Tariffs

Do you want to know about NetOne data tariffs? In this article, we’ll cover the different offerings from NetOne and how much you can expect to pay for each one. NetOne has several data packages suited to different needs.

Currently, NetOne offers regular data bundles as well as other specialised bundles such as OneFi and OneFusion. These packages are designed to cater to different data usage needs within their user base.

When compared to the other data offerings from NetOne, the regular bundles are slightly more expensive. NetOne is not unique in this though as the trend is consistent among the three Mobile Network Operators in Zimbabwe.

Credit is due to them in that they were one of the first MNOs to respond to the cries from the public for cheaper data prices and responded by introducing the OneFi bundles and, eventually, the OneFi packages.

How much are NetOne Data bundles?

Let’s look at the different prices for NetOnes data bundles to see the one that is best suited to your needs.

Regular Bundles

First off, we have regular bundles. These range from the hourly bundle, night bundle, daily bundles, weekly bundles as well as the 30-day bundles. If you want to make a big file download, one or more hourly bundles are a cheap way to do that.

For $60, you will get 1 GB of data which lasts for one hour or until the cap is exhausted; whichever comes first. This option is best suited for emergency needs like when you want to download a video assignment, software or a movie. It is perfect for these kinds of scenarios.

The next step up is the daily bundles which last for up to 24 hours or until the bundle is exhausted. These are ideal for when you need data to stay in touch, o some research or keep an eye out on that important email.

The daily bundles range from $25 for 30MB to $350 for 1200MB. As already mentioned, you will get a full day’s access to data and you can buy according to your need or means.

The weekly bundles are next and these last for a 7-day window or until the bundle is exhausted. The price range for these starts at $25 for 30MB to $1500 for 5000MB. If you want to stretch your access over a longer period then these bundles are for you.

Next up are the monthly bundles. These start at $150 for 200MB to $2500 for 8000MB. The access window for these is 30 days. They are ideal if you want to be connected on the go with some leeway for viewing video content and steaming.

Social Media Bundles

NetOne also has social media bundles on offer. Realising the importance of social media to how people communicate in this day and age, there are specialised bundles for this niche.

NetOne offers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp bundles ranging from $16 for 20MB daily to $350 for 750MB monthly bundle. These ensure that their user base has continual access to these platforms whenever they need it.

One Fusion Bundles

NetOne also has the OneFusion suite which is a hybrid of voice, SMS and Data packages for one low price. Currently, NetOne has OneFusion Lite, OneFusion Gold and OneFuson Premium.

OneFi Bundles

Lastly, NetOne also offers OneFi bundles. These are great for heavy data users. They were designed to be mobile WiFi bundles which cater to day to day, business use as well as entertainment.

They offer the best deal per MB or data by far but the base price is also higher than the other packages on offer. The lowest-priced OneFi bundle is $2500 for 25000MB while the highest is priced at $6000 for 80000MB.

Now, let’s look at all the different data packages being offered by NetOne.

NetOne Data Tariffs

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